Tips on Buying the Best Sports Car for You

by SM Staff On Mon, Mar. 12, 2018

Buying a car can be one of the best times in your life especially if it’s the model you’ve always envisaged yourself driving. Feeling the wind in your hair whilst you whizz along open roads and discovering the enjoyment of total freedom in a powerful sports car is the dream for many people. Of course, owning a sports car isn’t always a fantasy experience, and there are many things to consider if you are taking the leap and investing in a beautiful car with a hefty price tag. These cars put the fun back into motoring, and there is something out there for everyone.

Take a look at some of the things you should consider when looking to buy your dream car.


Will it fit your lifestyle?

Ok so this may not be a huge concern if this purchase is the second car for weekend driving but if you are looking at purchasing a sports car for more frequent trips, will it actually fit your lifestyle? Many sports cars are smaller on the inside than traditional cars so you won’t have as much boot space or interior room as you might expect. Many models are also built for just two people, so family days out are generally a no go. There are options for four-seater coupes, but they often have very little head or foot space so make anything other than a short journey uncomfortable for passengers. If you live in the city too, you may want to consider how much space you have for parking or storing the car. Some sports cars can be wider and longer than traditional cars to may be a squeeze in those tight parking lots.


Determine your budget

It’s no surprise that sports cars can be expensive and generally if you are purchasing one, you have considered all the expenses beforehand. If this is something you are looking at, there are many areas that compare differently to standard cars. It’s not just the price tag that can be hefty, you may have higher repair bills, larger fuel consumption and higher insurance costs but there is also a plus side, as whilst modern cars generally depreciate quickly, sports cars and, in particular, vintage sports car hold their value well.


Will you choose convertible or coupe?

If you live in an area that sees a frequent amount of sunshine then riding around with the top down may become the norm. That said, it is all a matter of taste, and there are two choices which come with some clear advantages and disadvantages. For sun lovers, it could preferred to go for a convertible sports car option, which still has factors to consider. This is great for feeling the wind in your hair, but it does have some downsides if you’re willing to appreciate them. In convertibles, when the roof is up, you may be able to hear more road noise than traditional coupes as it is made from fabric or lighter material. They can also be compromised more easily due to this feature.

Coupes are another choice and for obvious reasons give you more protection from break-ins than their convertible counterparts. They, of course, don’t give you the choice to remove the roof to enjoy the sunshine but if you were eager for this option with the added security, there are some solid metal convertible roof options available, but when the roof is down they eat into any storage space, you might need.


Adapt your driving skills

If you are buying a sports car for the first time, you’ll notice the driving experience is quite different from conventional cars. Due to their precision engineering and need for quick reactions, this may mean the car feels jerkier if you make sudden and uncontrolled movements. The speed is another serious factor to consider, as sports cars tend to bring out the need to test the limits of a new purchase and can make driving unsafe if not controlled in the right manner. Yes, these cars can go fast but if this is something you are not used to, perhaps opt for a driving course to get you used to the capabilities of your car is the best option. This will help you control the driving experience and keep you and others safe at all times.


Long-term affordability

It’s not just the initial outlay for the car that needs to be considered; it is also the upkeep of this high-performance vehicle. Keeping your car in tiptop condition and ensuring it gets the best maintenance will help it to retain its value and keep it running smoothly and with impeccable precision. Compared to conventional cars, this may cost considerably more due to parts and labor, but it is worth considering for the long-term investment of any high-performance vehicle to ensure its safety and performance on the road. There are many specialists that can help and advise on particular models such as Micks Automotive.


Choose a classic

It’s very easy to get caught up in the moment and choose a fashionable sports car because everyone else is driving it. Being savvy with your purchase and selecting something that is already a classic or is a potential classic (according to reviews) gives you greater scope for resale and future value. If you’re looking for a true classic, these are certainly harder to find, but you’ll notice certain models hold their value and become collector’s items.  If you’re able to afford this type of car, then it is a great option for a fantastic driving experience and also a long-term investment.

There are so many things to consider when choosing a new sports car. The look and aesthetic are important factors for many people but researching a little deeper could open up a world of unique options with the chance to incorporate your personality into your driving. Most of all when you make your choice, remember that driving should be a fun and safe experience and make your selection based on these two factors will give you the ultimate driving experience.

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