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How To Stay Safe Whilst Out And About This Summer


The summer break is a time to enjoy yourself and have fun doing the activities you love. The sun is shining, and you’ll want to get out and about on the road and playing sports with friends and family. This is all very well and good, however, you must remember that the great outdoors is not without its dangers. So, always ensure that you stay as safe as possible and limit the chances you take when driving, motorcycling, enjoying the sun, engaging in sports, and swimming, for example. The summer is bound to encourage you to want to live a little more carefree than usual, but safety is paramount throughout the year so don’t make careless mistakes.


Hopping onto a motorcycle in summer is great fun, and it makes a change from biking in the cold winter rain and headwinds. Granted, the roads aren’t as slippery and wet during the summer months, but they still hold a very real danger. Motorcycles are capable of driving at phenomenal speeds, however, you shouldn’t be exceeding the speed limit whatsoever. Motorcyclists should learn about the biggest dangers they face, so that accidents can be avoided. Unfortunately, traffic collisions are common and at speed motorcycle can often be very serious and even fatal. Make sure you’re well covered and know who to turn to in the event of an accident while driving a motorcycle. This website can provide you with the answers you need after getting involved in a crash and subsequently being injured.

Refresher Driving Lessons

If you’ve got a road trip or a cross-country adventure on the cards, then think about having some refresher lessons before you set off. If you haven’t been driving for long, then this is advisable and you’ll feel confident before you begin your journey. If you can’t quite remember the last time you drove for such long distances, then these are for you too. You simply cannot be too safe when behind the wheel of a vehicle, so think seriously about booking yourself, or a loved one, a set of refresher driving lessons. The rules of the road do stay relatively the same however small changes do occur over the years, so make sure you’re up to date on your knowledge of the road.

Cycling Proficiency

Stay safe this summer when pedaling with your family. Cycling can be fun for all the family, and setting out on bikes with a picnic is a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon with friends or family. Staying safe on the roads is something that needs to be in the forefront of your mind at all times when cycling as roads can get busy, and bikes can be missed if you’re not wearing the correct reflective gear and bright front and backlights. Make sure your kids are confident and proficient enough before you take them on the roads. Having said this, try and stick to country routes while they’re still finding their feet, so to speak. Be sure to carry tire repair kits when you’re headed out on a long journey, as you don’t want to find yourself far from home with a puncture and in the heat of the midday sun, for example.

Stock Up On Sun Cream

The sun is a force to be reckoned with, so avoid playing around when it comes to the sun. Always, always apply sun cream and even sunscreen when you’re out and about in the sun. Sun cream needs to be applied liberally and at regular intervals throughout the day; you shouldn’t be spending more than fifteen minutes in the direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day. Limit your skin’s exposure to the sun, and wear a hat or cap, cover your arms and chest and be sure to sit in the shade wherever possible. Your kids shouldn’t leave your house without you having spread sun cream on their skin. You can find hypoallergenic creams on the market if you’re worried about allergic reactions, so there’s no excuse not to prepare your young children before the hot day begins.

Protective Sportswear

Summer welcomes with it the season for sports. Sports are a big part of how people enjoy summer whether they’re engaging or watching, so safety plays a significant role also. Some sports can result in nasty injuries, and so protective gear is worn throughout the game. Protective sportswear should be considered in whatever sport you’re thinking of taking part in this summer, even if it’s rollerblading in the park, or swimming at your local pool or in the sea. If you’re running at dusk or at night, then you should be kitted out in the correct reflective gear and supportive sneakers to ensure that you limit the damage to the arches of your feet, your connective tissue, and bones. If you’re taking part in martial arts or in hockey, rugby or soccer, then it’ll be very wise to get a hold on shin pads and a mouthguard so as to limit risk of having your teeth smashed inside your mouth.

Safe Swimming

Safe swimming involves making sure young children wear armbands when in water and are supervised by an appropriate adult at all times. Safe swimming involves swimming where the waters are not rough nor treacherous. Swimming in the outdoors comes with the risk of fast currents and very deep waters. You should be avoiding these places, and only crossing fast waters if you have to and are part of a team when out white water rafting, for example. You should not be approaching such an activity without a professional and if you’re not a strong swimmer.

Warn Kids Of Dangers

Be pragmatic in your approach to educating your kids, or young people close to you. Make sure you’re warned of the dangers involved in popular summer and remind them that the open outdoors poses risks around each corner. Warn kids of the dangers of drinking and driving, and make sure they understand that you, as an adult, will pick them up from parties if they feel unsafe or unsure about getting into a car with a young, or newly qualified driver. Ensure that your kids know never to take risks where their safety, and lives could be at stake. Explain the dangers of taking illegal substances, and be frank and transparent in your approach. If you suspect kids to be taking drugs, then ask them outright and explain to them why you think it’s a bad idea.

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