How To Unwind After Race Day

by SM Staff On Tue, Jun. 26, 2018

A day of the races can feel like an all-systems-go! Stretch of demanding hours, and only once the day finally draws to a close is it then high time to begin relaxing and settling down for a well-deserved rest. It will likely have been an exhaustingly long day full of nerves, jitters, and excitement, so the sooner to bed, the better. How you choose to relax can differ from day to day, and race to race, and sometimes you’ll have to strike a balance between a combination of methods in order to properly de-stress and let loose of your accumulated strain.

Chill Out In The Fresh Air

Once you’ve allowed your heart rate to return to a relaxed and healthy rhythm, you should try and expel the pent-up tension and worry from your body by taking the time to do, well, nothing – to simply lay down and empty your mind of thoughts and concerns. Pull up a comfortable chair outside in the fresh air, and reflect on the day that’s just past before you. Consider taking a glass of wine with you along with your vape pen if you’re inclined to calm down with the help of an e-cigarette. Visit to explore new flavors and modifications.

Listen To Music

As soon as you’re ready to put your phone and other technological devices down, it’s time to begin relaxing and allowing waves of calm and serenity to wash over you after an intense day of inevitable ups and downs. You can take time out to process the adrenaline of the day by listening to music, or by downloading a compilation album of your favorite artist. If you’re struggling to find the ideal music to listen to, then why not try listening to online hypnosis sessions, ASMR videos, or softly spoken podcasts, for example.

Get A Massage

After a long day of getting tense and excited on what can seem like a continuous loop, consider scheduling a massage into your evening plans. When your body is under strain, lactic acid can build up and form in your muscles and other body tissues, so it’s a good idea to have them massaged. This subsequently encourages the acid along with other waste products to be expelled from your body.

Enjoy A Bath

You might be surprised to know that both warm and cold baths have their benefits, so assess your aches and pains, and make a decision. If you’ve been busy racing outside in sweltering heat and sweating under thick layers of protective clothing and a helmet, then the idea of a cold bath, even an ice bath, may well sound thoroughly appealing. If not, then settle yourself into a warm bubble bath with a few drops of aromatherapy oils such as lavender, sandalwood, and tea tree oil.

Focus On Your Breathing

It’s normal to feel some post-race apprehension and heightened emotion, however, when it begins to get later into the day/evening, it’s then important to allow your brain and body to wind down and experience some peace and quiet. If an anxious episode doesn’t seem to show signs of dissipating, then try to regulate your breathing and heart rate by focusing on  inhaling air and then exhaling it slowly and steadily.

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