Get to Know Everything About Microsoft MCSA 70-417 Exam: A Complete Guide

The tech giant, Microsoft is popularly known for its Windows Operating System, application software and services it offers. The company also provides certifications to professionals based on their subject field. These certifications can help a lot when it comes to your CV and improving your visibility in the industry. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) credential is considered to be of a beginner level. It helps in the validation of an individual’s skill and knowledge in various Microsoft technologies. This certification is also essential for any further studies in the same field. It will help candidates in boosting their professional presence and growth in the technical field they’ve chosen.

This article is devoted to Microsoft MCSA 70-417 VCE Dumps, which is all about the upgrading the skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012. It tests how skillful you are in Windows Server 2012 installation along with its configuration and troubleshooting. The exam also focuses on PowerShell v3 for testing an individual. Before sitting for the exam, it’s essential for you to have a good amount of knowledge on PowerShell. Passing the exam successfully can make you MCSA Certified in Windows Server 2012.

The Audience for 70-417 Exam

This exam is meant for IT professionals who are willing to upgrade to MCSA Windows Server 2012 from Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2000, or Windows Server XP certification. Moreover, visualization experts and enterprise desktop administrators can also attempt this exam.

70-417 Exam Objectives

Being the owner of the previous Microsoft Windows Server (2000, 2003, 2008, or XP) credentials, you may be thinking to get an upgrade with the Windows Server 2012 version, especially if you are going to work in this environment and its core services. For that, you need to pass one composite 70-417 exam. It’s called so, because not certified professionals have to pass three exams in order to get MCSA Windows Server 2012 credential.

Thus, 70-417 test includes the topics from the following 3 exams:

  • The installation and configuration of Windows Server 2012: Exam 70-410
  • The administration of Windows Server 2012: Exam 70-411
  • The configuration of advanced Windows Server 2012 Services: Exam 70-412

Taking only one 70-417 exam is a great way to save your time and money, as the three-in-one exam will cost you only $165. Its duration is 120 minutes during with you need to complete about 45-55 questions. The overall passing score for candidates stands at 700 out of 1000.

Skills tested

  • The exam will require for the candidates to be fluent in the monitoring, management and maintenance of the Windows Server 2012 Server while utilizing the PowerShell 3.0. Management of storage of the server is also included along with the implementation of the failover clustering.
  • Candidates should possess skills necessary for the optimization of the resource utilization with the features on demand, migrating the roles from the older versions of the server. Within the configuration of the server, they should be skillful in the delegation of administration along with the addition and removal of features in offline images. In addition, the deployment roles on various remote servers along with the conversion of server core from the GUI, NIC teaming, installation and configuration services will also be checked at the exam. For the configuration of the local storage space, candidates need to obtain the designing skills. Thus, skills candidates need to possess cover the basic and dynamic disks along with the master boot record and partition table, management of volumes and creation-mounting of different virtual hard disks. Along with that, they should be able to create storage pools by using several disk enclosures to get a good grip on the subject.
  • The deployment, management and maintenance of servers is an important skill to learn. The monitoring of servers for the configuration of data collector sets, real-time performances, networks and schedules is essential.
  • The configuration of network services and access includes direct access, implementation of varied server requirements and client configuration. Furthermore, candidates have to concentrate on DNS for direct access along with the configuration of certificates for the same.
  • The configuration of a network policy server infrastructure for network access protection. You have to configure the system health validators along with the health policies — the configuration of the network access protection by utilizing the dynamic host configuration protocol. Essentially, you have to focus on the remediation of the non-compliant computers which use DHCP and VPN for the configuration of the client settings.
  • Skills in the configuration and management of active directory as domain controllers are necessary to possess. The maintenance of the active directory is also essential for its back up and optimization. Cleaning up of the metadata and configuring the active directory snapshots, restoration from the recycle bin is a skill to be focused on as well.

Reliable Preparation Sources

To pass the certification exam successfully, you need to be well-prepared. That’s why your actions are the following, first, check the official Microsoft website. Being interested in qualified staff capable to work with Microsoft products and services, this global IT vendor offers efficient preparation options. Thus, you can take instructor-led training, practice tests and books for 70-417 exam.

Then, to enhance your preparation, search on the internet for more reliable sources. For example, on PrepAway website you will find a great collection of video courses that are essential for your efficient preparation for the exam. In addition, the most updated exam dumps that are also at your disposal to check the material you’ve learned. Here you’ll find 70-417 Premium Bundle, which includes the premium file, the training course and the study guide, just for $19.99. It’s affordable, isn’t it? So, with an estimated and clear path of the exam, you can pass the exam successfully without any hassles! It’s time to focus and get the best quality of preparation for the exam up ahead!


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