What to Remember When Driving A Sports Car

The vehicle you drive represents you best and says “Hello” to everyone even before you even get the chance to speak. If you own a sports car, that says a lot about you, as sports vehicles are symbols of status, prestige, and relate to yachts, expensive watches, and designer suits.

This means you leave a strong and ingenious impression at first glance. Adrenaline addicts are crazy over sports machines and find them very appealing. You will notice people stare at you while waiting for the green light to turn on.

However, you as an owner know very well that there is a lot more about sports cars than meets the eye. Driving this type of vehicle is way different than rolling down in a regular car. The most important thing while driving a beast like this is to stay safe, but what else should you know when driving a sports car?

Hand Position

Most of us know we should keep our hands at the 10 and 2 position of the vehicle. However, as sports vehicles are special in so many ways, this is the case with the hand position as well. Here you want to keep your hands at the 9 and 3 position, as this will provide you with more control, particularly at higher speeds.

Holly Pedals

You know how tempting it is to develop higher speeds and then hammer on the brakes suddenly. Yet, you don’t want to treat the pedals with no respect. Resist the temptation and imagine as if you were driving a regular car. You should always squeeze the brakes slowly, as smashing the pedals or the brakes may cause many damages.

Handling Turns and Braking

If you own a sports vehicle, you should remember turning and braking here requires additional attention. It takes time to get used to turning a vehicle like this, especially if this is your first car of this kind. It would be great to practice the braking and to try to finish it almost when you start turning the wheel.

When braking for a corner, you want to brake hard and then turn off the brake gradually instead of pressing the pedal slowly. With time, you will learn not to accelerate before you turn. If you aim to accelerate before turning, the car might end up not turning at all.

Throttle Control

The chances that you will drive your sports vehicle fast are damn high. Yet, what you should remember is that balance is very important here. As the car accelerates, the weight transfers to the front when you brake. When heading around a corner, go for a neutral throttle instead of just coasting with the gas pedal instead of coasting your foot off the pedal sharply.

What is more, if you are driving in an erratic way and do a lot of sudden braking, the uneven weight distribution will make the vehicle hard to control and potentially trigger an accident.

Keep Racers in Mind

The very fact you have a vehicle that develops skyrocket speed will be a challenge for some drivers. Some people can’t help the urge to race with sports vehicles. You should prepare yourself for such a scenario in advance, as it will happen less or more on a daily basis.

There is no reason why would you race someone on the city streets or in a populated place, as races are reserved for some other type of surrounding. When driving a sports car, you want to take after your safety first, but the safety of other participants in traffic as well.

Inclines and Driveways

Driving on driveways and inclines is a bit inconvenient, not to say – tricky. You could end up scraping your undercarriage if you are not aware of the road. Sports vehicles are low to the ground, which is not such happy circumstance. Uneven driveways cause troubles and may damage your vehicle significantly, so be careful.

Dress Code

Even though some people don’t care about their styling at all, owning a stylish vehicle imposes itself certain dress code. A sports vehicle requires you not to look lazy and messy, not even when you are going to a local grocery store.

You want your image to match your car’s reputation and be well dressed. Just imagine a messy person getting out of the exclusive, high-end vehicle. As we already mentioned, the appearance of your car is a powerful statement for itself, but try not to disappoint people staring at you while you get out of the car.

Bring On an Attitude

It is inevitable that you will draw a lot of attention. A sports car resembles us all of luxury, adrenaline, and excitement. Most people believe owning a sports vehicle costs for at least a few tens of thousands. However, AutoWise gathered a list of the top 5 street legal race cars under $10k, which means we lived in fallacy.

Driving a sports car will instantly make you more attractive, but if you don’t have at attitude – you will give off an impression of a boring person (which is definitely something you want to avoid).

You are confident and feel good in your skin and your car as well. Why wouldn’t you be happy with your life while sitting in a statement car like this? What is more, people are somehow weirdly nice to sports car drivers. This doesn’t mean you should take advantage of this, but try to make new friendships and stay open to new opportunities that are in front of you.


Driving a sports car like this won’t scare the passengers off, while it will provide you all a safe ride. You want to be smooth with your input and think a bit ahead, as it takes time to become the master of balance and throttle control. After a little bit of practice, you will learn not to put pressure on tires and manage weight transfer ideally.

In the end, car owners should be aware their cars communicate with the public through nonverbal channels either way, while sports car owners have a little bit more responsibility. We are not telling you to wear designer suits all the time, but keep things classy and bring up your attitude.


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