Ford Performance NASCAR: Chase Briscoe Teleconference Transcript

by Official Release On Tue, Jul. 11, 2017

Date: Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Event: Eldora Dirt Derby (NASCAR Teleconference)
Series: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
Location: Eldora Speedway (half-mile clay oval)

Ford Performance Development Driver Chase Briscoe, driver of the No. 29 Cooper Standard Ford F-150 for Brad Keselowski Racing, joined today’s NASCAR teleconference in advance of next week’s Camping World Truck Series Eldora Dirt Derby at Eldora Speedway.

CHASE BRISCOE, No. 29 Cooper Standard Ford F-150 — Chase had early success during his rookie campaign two runner-up finishes, two top 10s in the first ten races. Chase, you’re a third generation dirt racer from the neighboring state of Indiana. Take us through how it feels to return to your roots as you prepare to make your NASCAR Camping World Truck Series debut at Eldora. “It’s awesome. This is the one track I’ve been looking forward to more than any. It’s going to be nice to finally get to Eldora, I’ve been going there ever since I was little. Never got to actually race there. My dad never wanted to take me there because it was dangerous in a sprint car and we only had one motor growing up. So it was tough. But never thought my first laps were going to be in a pickup truck, but definitely excited. Eldora for a dirt guy is Daytona and Indianapolis. Definitely going to be an honor to run there finally.”

Chase, this is your first time at Eldora. In a race truck, it’s a lot different than like a modified. So give us your dirt background and the excitement of going to Eldora. “Yeah, my whole dirt background has been 410 non-winged sprint cars and a couple midget races here and there. But just having dirt experience in anything is certainly going to help I think just because you know what the track is doing, you can tell just by reading it and you just know that feel that you need on dirt as far as side bite and forward bite goes. And just having sprint car background, obviously the truck’s going to be a lot slower than the sprint car and that always helps when you feel like you’re in slowing motion. It’s going to be a great race. Obviously, Bell is going to be one to beat. Rico’s going to be good. But Bobby Pierce and guys like Chris Wyndham who is a really good USAC sprint car driver and I think there’s going to be a couple guys that surprise you. I think normally at Eldora you see guys rise to the top but also seems like the normal truck guys pick it up pretty soon.”

Chase, you guys both have dirt backgrounds. I’m curious if you think there should be maybe one more dirt race maybe during the playoffs just so you can have all tracks a part of this deal. If so, and you do feel that way, which tracks would you want to see added first? “I’d be all for it. I think obviously for me and Christopher, both, I think we don’t have near as much pavement experience as most of the guys. It’s nice to go to a racetrack where we have an advantage. If we could do that in the playoffs. I certainly think it would be awesome. But there’s a lot of tracks I think that could host it. Obviously Knoxville would be one, I think, just from a seating standpoint and the track size standpoint would be good. And I think you could even go all the way to Charlotte Motor Speedway with it being out there real close. So there’s tons of dirt tracks out there. You can throw Lawrenceburg into the mix, as well. That would be really good. But I’d be all for having it in the playoffs, that’s for sure.”

Chase, you mentioned that your dad didn’t want you racing on Eldora because it was so dangerous. What makes Eldora different from other dirt tracks?
“Yeah, Eldora, in general, it’s so fast. And it seems like it’s a self-cleaning racetrack where when guys do start flipping it seems like you can’t get out of their way. Like I said, it’s so fast it’s hard to slow down. And that was one of the things my dad really didn’t want me going and doing. If we had a different motor situation we certainly would have did it but with our situation we were never running for points in USAC or anything so we just kind of stayed away from it. Just listening to the teleconference, it’s very interesting and very obvious, both of you are loving this idea of Eldora and maybe some of the veterans in the series are kind of a little bit more weary and have to kind of prepare for it. How aware are you two of the fact that this is kind right up your alley? And just what I was saying earlier, for me this being my second year really on pavement, everywhere I go is kind of a disadvantage I feel like because I don’t know what the track’s doing or how it’s changing, where when we go to the dirt track I can see what the track’s doing. I know what the feeling’s going to be when the track’s going away where a lot of these guys that grew up around pavement they don’t know that. For us obviously we’re the highest guy right now without a win but we really do want to win and secure our way in. We feel like this is a really good place for it to happen.”

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