Lap by Lap: Ford Ecoboost 200 won by Cale Gale; Buescher crowned champion

by Ashley McCubbin On Sat, Nov. 17, 2012

With a last lap pass and some fender rubbing with Kyle Busch, Cale Gale was able to become the ninth first-time winner in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Meanwhile, Buescher would finish 13th to win his first ever championship.


Green flag as Parker Kligerman grabs the early lead into turn one ahead of Nelson Piquet Jr. and Ty Dillon

Lap 2 Kligerman leads Piquet Jr., Busch, Dillon, Larson, Gale, Crafton, Sauter, Paludo and Hornaday

Lap 3 Piquet Jr. and Busch side-by-side for second, Piquet holds Busch off

Lap 5 Larson passes Dillon for fourth

Lap 6 Piquet Jr. takes the lead from Kligerman……Busch third, followed by Dillon, Larson, Crafton, Gale, Sauter, Paludo and Hornaday

Lap 14 Piquet Jr. leads Busch, Kligerman, Larson, Dillon, Crafton, Gale, Sauter, Paludo and Blaney

Lap 21 Piquet Jr. leads Busch, Kligerman, Larson, Crafton, Gale, Dillon, Sauter, Paludo and Blaney

Lap 26 Larson passes Kligerman for third

Lap 35 Caution for debris…pit stops…..Piquet leads Busch, Larson, Kligerman. Buescher leads Dillon by seven points as they run currently. Buescher came in leading by 12 over Dillon

Restart Lap 41 as Busch pulls ahead of the field with Piquet Jr. and Kligerman side-by-side for second.

Lap 43 Busch leads Kligerman, Piquet Jr., Larson, Crafton, Gale, Dillon, Buescher, Sauter and Coulter. Peters 14th

Lap 44 Bryan Silas gets into the wall.

Lap 45 Caution for Silas as he slows. As they run, Buescher leads Dillon by 10, leads Peters by 16

Restart lap 49

Lap 50 Larson grabs the lead from Busch

Lap 58 Larson leads Piquet, Busch, Kligerman, Crafton, Dillon, Sauter, Gale, Buescher and Blaney

Lap 59 Coulter passes Blaney for 10th

Lap 67 Larson passes Piquet, Busch, Kligerman, Crafton, Dillon, Sauter, Gale, Buescher and Coulter.

55 to go Busch passes Piquet for second

49 to go Gale passes Sauter for seventh

48 to go Dillon pits, giving up the sixth position…..Larson pits, giving up the lead to Busch…….Blaney pits

47 to go Busch pits, handing the lead over to Piquet…….Paludo pits.

46 to go Peters, Buescher and Piquet pit

45 to go Coulter and Sauter pit as Bodine leads. Leftler, too quick exciting so will need to serve a penalty

44 to go Agnew and Bodine pit

42 to go Larson back to the lead

37 to go Larson leads Busch, Piquet, Kligerman, Crafton, Dillon, Gale, Sauter, Coulter and Peters. Points leader Buescher is 12th

32 to go Sauter passes Gale

Caution 30 to go Gresham gets into the wall….pit stops. Sauter leads Larson…..Dillon sits five points behind Buesher.

Restart 26 laps to go as Sauter takes the lead with Busch second, while its four-wide behind them. Busch grabs the lead off of turn four.

25 to go Busch leads Crafton while Larson and Sauter battle for third

24 to go Dillon makes a three-wide move, looking to pass Sauter for third……Larson grabs third off of turn four, ahead of Sauter and Dillon

23 to go Crafton is all over Busch’s back bumper

22 to go Busch, Crafton, Larson, Sauter, Piquet, Kligerman, Dillon, Coulter, Gale, Blaney, Peters, Buescher

21 to go Gale passes Coulter while Dillon passes Piquet and Kligerman

19 to go Busch leads Crafton, Larson, Sauter, Kligerman, Dillon, Piquet

14 to go Busch leads Crafton, Larson, Sauter, Kligerman, Dillon, Piquet, Coulter, Gale, Blaney, Buescher, Peters

12 to go Crafton and Busch side-by-side for the lead through turns three and four. Busch holds him back off of turn four

Caution 10 to go Gresham gets into the wall after blowing a right front tire. Buescher leads Dillon by seven……….Peters pits, thinking he has a vibration. Blaney pits for tires. Paludo pits.

Restart 5 laps to go. Busch grabs the early lead as Crafton and Sauter fight for second. Sauter and Dillon pass Crafton for position. Dillon behind Buescher by 2.

4 to go Dillon passes Sauter for second, now behind Buescher by one point.

3 to go Larson gets by both Dillon Sauter and Buescher for position……Larson dives down to get under Dillon – Dillon goes down to block, both drivers wreck, collecting Blaney. Buescher and Peters escape the wreck.

Buescher pits to check if tires are alright…….Crafton slid back just before wreck, pits to make sure fenders are alright….Busch leads Gale, Sauter, Coulter, Paludo, Kligerman, Bodine, Peters, Chastain, Lofton, Crafton, Buescher, Piquet Jr.

First attempt at a green white checkered…..Busch gets a three-wide as Coulter, Sauter and Gale go three-wide through the middle of turns one and two……Busch leads as Gale and Coulter battle for second.

White flag as Busch leads Gale and Coulter…..Gale and Busch side-by-side down the backstretch……Gale and Busch make contact across the finish line with Gale winning it, 14-one thousandths of a second over Busch. James Buescher wins the championship. Ninth first time winner this year, 16 different winners this year.

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