Joe Nemechek announces new deal with Herbal Mist Iced Tea

by Ashley McCubbin On Tue, Feb. 19, 2013

Photo Credit: H2M Beverages

Photo Credit: H2M Beverages

To go with the new season, Joe Nemechek announced a new deal with H2M Beverages. The partnership brings forth two new flavors of Herbal Mist Iced Tea – A Special Edition Unsweetened Tea and a Sweet Tea version aimed at the southern consumer.

“I’m really excited about the partnership Herbal Mist Teas,” he said. “I’m actually a big tea drinker and I normally love the taste of unsweetened tea so to be a part of creating my own branded Herbal Mist Unsweetened Tea that has the right taste is a great opportunity for me.”

“How can you say no to ‘Front Row Joe’?,” asked Greg Piagesi, co-founder of H2M and SVP, Sales. “We met over the summer and Joe remarked how much he enjoyed Herbal Mist but was yearning for a simple, unsweetened version. Talks became handshakes and handshakes became a new sku in our line with a fancy new design.”

Nemechek is trying to qualify for the 2013 Daytona 500 and qualifying 43rd on Sunday, he will have to race his way into the big race through the Duels on Thursday.

As part of his partnership, he will have NASCAR K&N West Series competitor Bobby Grewohl run some races for him.

“I actually haven’t known Bobby for too long now since he is a new driver for us but we are looking forward to see him gain some great experience this season,” Nemechek said. “I can say that he is determined and competitive, which are of course great attributes to have as a race car driver. I don’t know what will happen since there are a lot of variables and anything can happen on the track but he has a drive and that’s what I like about him. It’s a confidence – not cocky – but definitely confident.”

Grewohl’s first race for Nemechek will be at Iowa Speedway.

“I am really excited and looking forward to the track and race,” he said. “I am also thankful and honored to be driving for and representing Joe Nemechek and NEMCO Racing.  I will be focusing on finishing the race and trying my best to get the car into the winners circle.  Finishing up front is always the goal.”

For Nemechek, he got his start in racing as a kid after watching motocross on TV.

“I thought to myself, “That’s what I’m gonna do”,” he said. “So I started racing, I won a lot and got hurt quite a few times. Throughout my years of competition, I’ve won at every level so it’s been a good journey.”

With a racing career now expanding over 20 years, including four Sprint Cup victories, there are definately some memorable moments.

“Winning cup races are always good, I mean who doesn’t like to win?,” he started. “There was the US Army car at Kansas where there were about 400 – 500 soldiers attending and so that was just a huge honor to be able to do that. I was also the Nationwide champ in ’92 – now every win is special but this one stands out – managing to beat Dale Earnhart Sr. in a fierce battle on the track, that’s a pretty good moment.

“I also have to say, I have three kids and the oldest one is racing now and I am so proud of his accomplishments. John Hunter –  he’s going to be one of the best in the country, look out for him, he’s going to be huge.”

For those who want to get involved in racing like Nemechek and his son John, it’s all about finding the series for you.

“In today’s world, racing costs a lot, so you want to pick a series that you know you can afford and do the best at it that you can,” he said. “Be consistent, learn how to be media saavy, and market yourself so you can work on getting sponsorships. The most important thing though is to never give up.”

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