Empty Seats In The Grandstands, What Is The Answer NASCAR?

by SM Staff On Tue, Oct. 15, 2013

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It is sad, especially to the fans of the Winston Cup Era, which is not that many years ago, that remember when the grandstands use to be full for most of the NASCAR races.

I remember when you could not get a ticket for a Bristol race, whether it was the spring or night race.  Only if you paid a arm and a leg through a ticket broker, paying triple the value. But I am also happy a lot of these crooked businesses have been put out of business. Why pay the big mega bucks when you can pack up and drive or fly into any race and walk up to the ticket window and buy at the track price?

Many tracks have lowered ticket prices or weekend deals, especially if they are hosting Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series, with the icing on the cake if they were hosting the Camping World Trucks Series also, yet we still see the stands getting more and more empty each season.  You have to admit that the tracks are trying to bring the fans back and fill the stands.

That’s just my opinion and I am sure many people might not agree with me. I have always been very blessed that my tickets have been free, but for anyone that has to pay for a hotel/motel room, they know they have never lowered the room rates, doubling and some places even triple the normal room rates.  Then add your meals to this for a weekend and it costs a fortune.

As I wrote in a commentary many years ago, when families or friends buy tickets and pay for airfare and/or gas for their cars or car rentals, if they fly into a race, and a weekend of food, they can’t afford paying these high dollar room rates. But it looks like that is never going to change. It is not the local people who own these hotels/motels, no more Mom and Pops places.

What is the answer Mr. France? What has went wrong since back in the day, which is not that long ago? Not everyone is as fortunate as me, but would they fill these empty seats if they were? No and right now neither would I. Free tickets are great but the other expenses are horrible for a family or even a group of friends.

The Chase is going on and if you are a Matt Kenseth or Jimmie Johnson fan, you might be excited.  But I am sure you are excited on race weekends sitting back in your recliner with your remote in your hand. It saves lots of money, but that has taken the enjoyment out of going to the races.

What is the answer NASCAR?  What happened when we had people willing to pay any amount of money to buy a ticket and fill those stands like the good ole days of the Winston Cup Era?  Something has went wrong.  It’s no wonder that the drivers are having such a tough time getting sponsors with empty seats. Its cheaper to just stick an advertisement on TV then on the hood of a car.

Talladega is coming up this weekend, one of my favorite tracks to visit. I have been there many times over the years and yes, seen it where there was not a empty seat. I was there when Dale Earnhardt Sr. won his last race, the miracle win and there was not a empty seat. We know all know what we see this weekend and that is more empty seats. I love Martinsville and the town and its stores and the people. I am sure empty seats hurt these businesses as when NASCAR comes to town, so does the fans and the money.

Again, this is just my opinion but I have been a fan since back when Rusty Wallace, Dale Earnhardt, Darrell Waltrip, Bobby Labonte, Sterling Marlin, and Ernie Ervin were running in what was the Busch Series.

Things were so much different. There has to be an answer as to why we have these empty seats and its not the situation our country is in right now. I remember when people took their last cent to buy a ticket just to get to see a NASCAR race. Not anymore!

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  1. ron says:

    Ever since Kyle Busch has been winning or leading I find myself turning channel. He is a GREAT driver but that’s it, not a man, sad but just turns most men away, as he is so good me and my buddies turn it off. As for the woman there with us, nothing wrong with a nerd but they not belong behind 800 HP

  2. Craig Christon says:

    I think some of the drivers have hurt NASCAR also, like Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch, and Joey Logano. They are just punks with a mouth that just will not quit. It started with Tony Stewart that had no respect for the traditions of NASCAR, when he came from Indy Car. He was rude to TV reporters, the fans, the other drivers, and to NASCAR itself. I also do not like it when drivers crash into other cars just because they got spun-out. They have come close to injuring other drivers badly.

  3. john cray says:

    the reason I quit nascar is when they told the fans not to fly the confederate flag . you want to get political you got it bye bye

    by the way it looks like its working for ya

  4. Judy Johnson says:

    I have been a racing fan for the 55 years and I think they should go back to the old points system when racing was racing. Go back to the old cars ,old speeds and let them race to win. The chase has killed nascar. I couldn,t wait for raceday back 30 years ago, now I could care less, I even turn down free tickets. Give the track back to the drivers and let them do what they have to do to win….if they want to bump somebody out let,me have at it. Use to, nothing was fake about racing like now. Wish Dale Sr. Was here…he could straighten everything out. No, I,m a diehard Jeff Gordon fan.

  5. James says:

    NASAR has shot themselves in the foot with all the crap changes they have made. Decline of attendance coincides with the creation of the Chase. Bring back the old points system. Get rid of the stupid car of tomorrow and go back to race cars that had to pass under a template that also fit across the street version. They were not stock cars, but they were the same length and width as the street counterpart. The racing was so much better before the chase for the cup bs.

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