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Problems and Solutions – NASCAR’s Bad Start

Never let it be said that I don’t have an opinion. The events of the past week have been monumental for NASCAR. I think a lot of folks don’t realize that what has happened will change the way things are done inside the sanctioning body in Daytona Beach for a long time.

The Best Season Ever? Surely not 2013

I didn’t think much of it and it has nothing to do with who did or did not win the championship. I couldn’t care less about that. Once upon a time, winning races mattered, but today it’s the Chase from February until November.

Time to Pass the Torch

It started with a question. Are there any numbers that should be retired in NASCAR? Sport teams regularly retire numbers. The New York Yankees have retired several numbers including Mantle and others

Decision at Pocono Puzzling

The terrible events that followed the rain shortened race at Pocono were puzzling to me on Sunday. I’ve been to many sporting events over the years, and once severe weather is in the area of the stadium, evacuation is always the first step.

NASCAR Must Do Something on Tuesday

What I saw at Martinsville Speedway on Sunday made me sick to my stomach. It ruined what otherwise was a good weekend at the track, the marvelous speedway that should be a blueprint for what racing should be. Everyone knows the story by now. Matt Kenseth decided to retaliate and knock the leader out of the race—on purpose. You may say I can’t prove that, but actions speak louder than words.

The New Keselowski – Can He Win It All?

Fans used to be split on Brad Keselowski. Some loved him, especially when he drove for Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Nationwide team. The kid who hit everyone but the pace car in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, riled the feathers of drivers and even got Carl Edwards airborne at Talladega (and had a few run-ins with Cousin Carl thereafter) has grown up, put on his best face and become a fan favorite.

Swift Action by NASCAR Puts Ryan Newman in The Chase

The decision was unexpected even to the beat reporters who follow NASCAR daily. After Saturday’s race, thing just didn’t look right, something officials missed. By Sunday at the truck race in Iola, Mike Helton, NASCAR’s President, commented that NASCAR was going to review the race and radio transmissions. That was the first clue that something was up. A timeline was not given, however.

Is Penske the shot in the arm that Ford needs?

Now that the never-ending banquet is over, the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is finally in the books. The champion has been crowned and it’s only 78 days until the qualifying for the Daytona 500.

The Wood Brothers and Leavine Family Racing Look Forward to the New Season

The Wood Brothers will be celebrating their 65th year in NASCAR this year. NASCAR has certified that they are the oldest continuing team of all time. Eddie Wood spoke to the media on what he expects in 2015.

Sprint Media Tour – Day Two – Furniture Row and NASCAR Announcements

Day Two of the Sprint Media Tour began with a breakfast presentation by Furniture Row Motorsports and the driver of the No. 78 Chevrolet, Kurt Busch. Busch commented that he was very happy with the testing of the new Chevrolet SS car.