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The Final Word – If only all races were like Talladega

For the third time this season, NASCAR presented a race worth watching. I am talking about those who demand an entertaining three-hour experience if they are going to spend the time to take it all in. Talladega delivered.

The Final Word – B is for Bristol where the Busch Boys run wild

Officially, Saturday night’s race was not billed as the Bristol Busch Brothers 500. Those two boys are almost always front and center at the venue. Even when they do not want to be.

The Final Word – Daytona was a tale of two lane blacktop, at least...

“Stay on the bottom, stay in line, and they can’t pass us.” For 199 laps, Darrell Waltrip’s observation of the 2016 Daytona 500 was dead on. Then, it became dead wrong.

The Final Word – Kurt Busch and other boys who have spent time in...

We like who we like, we don't who we don't, and once we don't, it could take years, if ever, for us to change our minds. In a sport where popularity and merchandise sales mean almost as much as the racing, it is a big deal.

The Final Word – Michigan, where it all went to “H” for Mr. H.

1000 victories. That is a pretty hefty number no matter what you are talking about. For Ford, Greg Biffle's performance at Michigan allowed the manufacturer to hit the milestone, 64 years after Jim Roper was declared the winner at Charlotte in the first ever NASCAR event. For the Biff, it marked his first win of the season and the 19th of his career to leave him eighth in the standings.

The Final Word – Kansas May Have Been a Hendrick Waterloo

Well, boys, you are not in Kansas anymore. Thank God, at least for the gents from Hendrick. If not for a blown tire by Brad Keselowski to allow a Penske driver in on some of the fun, the bottom four would consist entirely of drivers working for Rick Hendrick. However, unlike Napoleon at Waterloo, Hendrick's boys will have a shot at redemption.

The Final Word on Phoenix where Gordon wound up with the final say

Well, we learned that Chad Knaus sucks as a predictor of events. Expect few cautions, he said prior to the race, and within 70 laps more than half the field were dinged.

The Final Word – From Bristol, to California, and on to Martinsville the Logano...

Last week I wrote that California wasn't your daddy's NASCAR venue. I was wrong. It turned out to be not only your daddy's but your grandpappy's as well. Both would have loved what they saw, be it from a 1953, 1983, or 2013 perspective.

The Final Word – Kahne Provides Some Drama at Dover

Thank God for Kasey Kahne. With no Kahne, the broadcast of the Dover race would have been about as exciting as watching a Soap Box Derby contest in Saskatchewan, or a downhill ski event in Saskatchewan, or an outdoor performance of the Sound of Saskatchewan.

The Final Word – Two in the money, two more for the show at...

It was the Chase race in Texas, and the big winner...was the weather. From an afternoon event on a rubbered up track, we went to an evening contest under the lights. A rain washed surface greeted the boys and girl after a more than five-hour delay.