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The Last Word – Richmond may love Kyle, but fans and non-fans alike love...

There is that old saying that states the more things change, the more they stay the same. There was Kyle Busch winning the spring race at Richmond back in 2009. Then again in 2010. In 2011. Then last Saturday night. Four straight spring race wins at a track he has always done well at.

The Final Word – Martinsville, the best of times, the worst of times

It was truly a Tale of Two Cities kind of day at Martinsville last Sunday afternoon. You know, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times... It could not have been much better for Jimmie Johnson and Brad Keselowski, who came away from the contest two points apart on top of the standings with three to go.

The Final Word – Kentucky gives Kenseth his fourth as Johnson gives away a...

How do you win four races in a season? You Matt'er down of course, which is exactly what Mr. Kenseth did at Kentucky on Sunday. He might not have had the best car on the day, but he did when it counted as he claimed his 28th career victory. The victory moves him to fifth in the standings and, even more important, three bonus points up on Jimmie Johnson in re-calibrated Chase points.

The Final Word – Talladega, right on the corner of bitter and sweet street

There are things in life that just irritate a person. There are calls for me to worry about man-made global warming when I got snow falling outside in the month of May. There are three hours of television devoted to a two-minute horse race. There are entertaining races from Talladega, with big names leading, big names wrecking, only to have the thing won by Denny Hamlin.

The Final Word – Kurt rises to the top at Richmond as Roush-Fenway continues...

Rain changed the Saturday night race at Richmond into a Sunday afternoon affair. Was it worth the wait? For Kurt Busch, the answer was “yes.”

The Final Word – Not much drama in Chicago, unless you happen to be...

The excitement. The drama. The dreams we have, only to be dashed by the reality. In more ways than one, this was Chicago. Thankfully, there is the personal video recorder.

The Final Word – Earnhardt wins at Daytona and all is right with the...

Jeff Gordon is correct. Now that Dale Earnhardt Jr has claimed his second Daytona 500, all is right with the world. Now, what on earth has made a 20 race winner, one who has won exactly three races in the past 279 events, all that popular?

The Final Word – Loved Talladega, Just Not All That Thrilled With the Outcome

What a wonderful race we saw at Talladega on Sunday. It had visual excitement that can only be rivaled by Daytona. We had suspense, as we did not know who would continue in the Chase and who got their hearts broken right through to the final lap. It was everything we could have hoped it would be. Then Brad Keselowski won the damn race and ruined everything.

The Final Word – Daytona solved little, with six seeking two spots heading to...

Daytona was once again a thrill ride, with action from start to finish. But enough about the Nationwide event. The Cup side, well the final few laps sure provided something to talk about, but the tandem racing of Friday actually trumped the Saturday evening affair.

The Final Word – The only difference between Dover and Talladega is…real excitement

I keep running Sunday's highlight over and over in my mind. It was incredible. A soon to be 39 year old dashing to his left to make an outstanding grab in Toronto for the Yankees. You may ask just what in blazes Ichiro Suzuki has to do with NASCAR. Sadly, not a damn thing, but at least I had a moment of excitement to tell you about.