Kyle Fowler Holds Best Time of ARCA Test Single Car Runs for Venturini Motorsports

Teammate Hal Martin made of had the quickest time for Thursday morning’s session, however Kyle Fowler holds serve of being the quickest car on the property for single car runs.

Martin drove the No. 55 Toyota to a best lap of 48.815 seconds (184.37 mph) to lead the Thursday morning session. That lap ranks fifth-best over the single-car runs only for the entire test session. Overall, the lap ranks 16th-best¬†of the¬†test week as Benny Gordon’s 48.414-second effort holds the top from¬†the drafting session.¬†¬†

“It’s windier today, that’s for sure,” Martin told the ARCA Racing Network. “We had a little bit of a headwind going down the backstretch, which slowed us down a little bit. Other than that, our cars are quick. The Venturini guys put in a heck of a lot of work coming in and leading into this week and this test session, and the cars are all fast. The cars are performing like they should be.”

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Fowler ranked second on Thursday’s board with a lap of 48.943 seconds (183.887 mph), though holds first on the board for the entire test in single-car runs with a time of 48.668-seconds in the No. 15 Chevrolet.

For Thursday’s board, teammates Steve Arpin and Mark Thomspon followed behind Martin and Fowler in third and forth.¬† Arpin drove the No. 25 Toyota to a lap of 48.978 seconds (183.756 mph), and Thompson drove his best lap in 49.208 seconds (182.897 mph).¬†

Venturini Motorsports officials said that they have elected not to run the afternoon session as they’ve accomplished their goals.¬†

“We had a game plan coming into this test session,” Martin said. “We were able to run through our list of things we wanted to try and see what benefited the car and what hampered our performance. We got our checklist done and completed, so we’re done.”

Finishing out the top 10 for Day three was Brian Rose, Bobby Gerhart, Randy Renfrow, Patrick Sheltra, Grant Enfinger, and Jason Bowles. A number of teams, including Richard Childress Racing, Kimmel Racing, and Enfinger Motorsports, chose not to participate in the final day of testing.

ARCA Racing Series testing at Daytona will conclude this afternoon with a drafting session, scheduled for 1-5 p.m.

Gordon, who led yesterday’s drafting session, does not plan on running this afternoon.

“I think we’re done,” Gordon said. “We were only planning on two days. (The team) has some stuff they want to do back at the shop, so I think we’re going to get out of here and pack it up, let them do their work, and see if they can’t make it better for when it comes back.”

Meanwhile, Bobby Dale Earnhardt, son of Kerrry Earnhardt, is looking to use these three days as a learning experience.

“It means a lot coming here,” the 23-year old said. “I’ve got a lot of respect for this track. With everything that’s happened here, it’s really awesome being here.

“I’m just hoping to learn a lot. They say this track is pretty much in my DNA, but I guess we’ll find that out.”¬†

Single-Car Run Speeds Combined From The Test

  1. #15 Kyle Fowler – 48.668 seconds –¬†Wednesday Morning
  2. #55 Hal Martin – 48.697 seconds –¬†Wednesday Morning
  3. #25 Steve Arpin – 48.796 seconds –¬†Tuesday Afternoon
  4. #31 Tim George Jr. – 48.985 seconds – Wednesday Morning
  5. #66 Mark Thomson – 49.208 seconds – Thursday Morning
  6. #4 Brian Rose – 49.290 seconds – Thursday Morning
  7. #17a Chris Buescher¬†– 49.315 seconds –¬†Tuesday Morning
  8. #63a Milka Duno – 49.371 seconds – Tuesday Afternoon
  9. #41a Ty Dillon – 49.383 seconds – Tuesday Afternoon
  10. #22 Dakoda Armstrong – 49.438 – Wednesday Morning
  11. #42a Scott Stenzil Р49.457 РWednesday Morning
  12. #36 Grant Enfinger – 49.486 – Tuesday Afternoon
  13. #16a Joey Coulter – 49.543 – Tuesday Afternoon
  14. #77 Joey Licata, Jr. –¬†49.549 – Wednesday Morning
  15. #14b John Ferrier – 49.562 –¬†Tuesday¬†Afternoon
  16. #18a Ryan Glenski – 49.578 – Wednesday Morning
  17. #5a Bobby Gerhart – 49.624 seconds – Thursday Morning
  18. #16 Randy Renfrow – 49.659 seconds – Thursday Morning
  19. #63 Patrick Sheltra – 49.660 seconds – Thursday Morning
  20. #75b Benny Chastain –¬†49.680 seconds –¬†Tuesday Morning
  21. #10a Ed Pompa – 49.686 seconds – Wednesday Morning
  22. #6 Jason Bowles Р49.709 seconds РWednesday Morning
  23. #18c Jeremy Frankoski – 49.714 seconds – Wednesday Morning
  24. #09 Benny Gordon – 49.743 seconds – Wednesday Morning
  25. #36b Brett Hudson Р49.804 seconds РThursday Morning
  26. #12b Maryeve Dufault –¬†49.853 seconds –¬†Tuesday Afternoon
  27. #12c Chase Austin Р49.925 seconds РTuesday Afternoon 
  28. #5c Damon Lusk –¬†49.945 seconds –¬†Tuesday Afternoon
  29. #97 Matt Lofton – 49.946 seconds – Tuesday Afternoon
  30. #2 Kevin Swindell – 49.949 seconds – Thursday Morning
  31. #11 Bryan Silas – 49.977 seconds – Thursday Morning
  32. #1 Chad McCumbee – 49.978 seconds – Wednesday Morning
  33. #54 Will Vaught – 50.007 seconds – Wednesday Morning
  34. #42b Joey Gaze – 50.048 seconds – Tuesday Afternoon
  35. #95 Tommy Joe Martins – 50.049 seconds – Tuesday Afternoon
  36. #68 Steve Blackburn – 50.059 seconds – Tuesday Afternoon
  37. #75a Hannah Baker – 50.075 seconds –¬†Tuesday Afternoon
  38. #42c Ryan Lynch – 50.080 seconds – Tuesday Afternoon
  39. #23a Jake Crum – 50.113 seconds – Tuesday Afternoon
  40. #14a John Graham –¬†50.145 seconds – Thursday Morning
  41. #10b Rick Clifton – 50.355 seconds – Wednesday Morning
  42. #3a Bobby Dale Earnhardt – 50.477 – Thursday Morning
  43. #3 Brent Brevak Р50.540 РThursday Morning 
  44. #18e Lelani Munter – 50.544 – Thursday Morning
  45. #44 Frank Kimmel – 50.596 seconds –¬†Tuesday Afternoon
  46. #82 Sean Corr Р50.607 seconds РThursday Morning 
  47. #08 James Hylton Р50.694 seconds РThursday Morning 
  48. #80b Richard Herriman ÔĽŅ- 50.773 seconds – Thursday Morning
  49. #18d Sloan HendersonÔĽŅ – 50.790 seconds – Thursday Morning
  50. #62 Drew Charleson – 50.821 seconds – Thursday Morning
  51. #23 Levi Youster – 50.939 seconds – Wednesday Morning
  52. #18b Tyler Speer – 50.949 seconds – Thursday Morning
  53. #58 Chad Hackenbracht – 51.244 seconds –¬†Tuesday¬†Morning¬†

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