Hot 20 over the past 10 – Imagine the embarrassment if Keselowski had not made the Chase

Imagine a Chase with only ten drivers, and one of them not being Brad Keselowski. Now imagine how stupid NASCAR would have looked, instead of being the geniuses they are. Okay, settle down there, big fella. Yet, when you are three races into the Chase and the best guy out there just happens to be the guy who slipped into the hunt due to wins rather for being 11th in points, you have to like how this new format has turned out.

[media-credit name=”CIA Stock Photo” align=”alignright” width=”235″][/media-credit]Check out his recent stats. Over the past ten, he has won twice and has eight Top Tens. Dover’s 20th place result only proved he was mortal. The fact he won at Kansas in the spring might make one ponder putting the boy back on top of Mount Olympus if he can repeat that feat this weekend.

On the other side of the coin, can anyone remember why Denny Hamlin got a Chase invite? A win and just enough points was enough, but thus far he has been tanking more than George Patton. 18th has been his best Chase result, and over the course of the past ten events there are more than 25 others who have been hotter, not including my freezer.

American Muscle

As they motor to Kansas, here is a look at our hottest twenty drivers (and Hamlin) over the past ten events…

Pos – Driver – Points/10 events – (W-T5-T10)

1. Brad Keselowski – 393 pts – (2-6-8)
I guess it was a good thing he made the Chase, eh?

2. Jeff Gordon – 379 pts – (1-5-7)
Number 5 is alive!

3. Kyle Busch – 353 pts – (1-3-6)
104 NASCAR wins in three series, but something is missing from the trophy case.

4. Jimmie Johnson – 348 pts – (0-5-7)
Has had to build a new trophy case.

5. Carl Edwards – 345 pts – (0-4-7)
There is no place like home, there is no place like home…

6. Kevin Harvick – 340 pts – (1-2-5)
Driving is good, owning not so much

7. Matt Kenseth – 332 pts – (0-2-6)
I wonder if Katie reminds him to drive safely?

8. Tony Stewart – 331 pts – (2-3-6)
Make Chase (check), win a couple (check), hire Zippi (still working on it).

9. Ryan Newman – 314 pts – (0-2-5)
30 points per race not good enough to win, but it gets you a free Las Vegas dinner.

10. Kurt Busch – 297 pts – (1-4-5)
Has already been to ‘Vegas, thanks.

11. A.J. Allmendinger – 294 pts – (0-0-2)
Might prove to be the best buy of 2012.

12. Dale Earnhardt Jr – 292 pts – (0-1-2)
No football, no baseball player is more marketable. Now just imagine if he could win.

13. Martin Truex Jr – 276 pts – (0-2-2)
Heading to Africa after the season, where something is going to get shot.

14. Mark Martin – 275 pts – (0-1-4)
When he first went hunting, he had to use a spear and hunted mastodons.

15. Clint Bowyer – 269 pts – (0-0-3)
I think Mikey likes him.

16. Regan Smith – 268 pts – (0-1-2)
The logo says UPS, the result says snail mail.

17. Jeff Burton – 267 pts – (0-0-1)
2012 could be his year if he eats his Wheaties.

18. Jamie McMurray – 266 pts – (0-2-2)
Breakfast cereal might help start your day, but a Big Mac makes your tummy happy.

19. Greg Biffle – 266 pts – (0-1-3)
Happiness is being in the Chase. The Biff can’t be happy.

20. Brian Vickers – 257 pts – (0-1-1)
With Walmart hosting Kansas meet and greet, maybe Vickers should bring along his resume.

27. Denny Hamlin – 228 pts – (0-0-3)
Consistency might be good, but consistently good is even better.

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      • Maybe for Regan Smith, it should have read…
        “Keep mistaking for him David Ragan. Problem might be solved at the end of the season.”

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