Common Sense Rules for NASCAR

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I was reading a NASCAR news story the other day and thinking to myself, ‘What ever happened to common sense?’ And then it occurred to me that the term common sense is an oxymoron.

Having the sense to do or say the right thing has become a characteristic that is rare in today’s society.

NASCAR is a perfect example of this.
American Muscle

Common sense and truisms are closely linked so I thought I would share some of these truths as guidelines for the common sense impaired.

A closed mouth gathers no foot. This one is simple. Think before you speak (or tweet) and avoid those embarrassing headlines (Kasey Kahne-Breastgate).

Be careful who you step on while climbing the ladder of success; you’re liable to meet them on the way down. Kurt Busch

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Just ask Denny Hamlin, Ryan Newman or Brad Keselowski-Secret fine recipients.

Expect the unexpected. Trevor Bayne wins the 2011 Daytona 500.

Good things come in small packages. Mark Martin

Hope springs eternal. Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans

Money talks. “It doesn’t matter if you have the most wins, pole positions, a championship or talent. If you have the money, you get a job.”  Mike Skinner

Keep your hands to yourself. “Hold my watch.” Richard Childress

Nobody loves a winner who wins all the time. – Jimmie Johnson

Close, but no cigar. Carl Edwards

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. – Tony Stewart

If in doubt, remember this. There is nothing so small it can’t be blown out of proportion.

Mike Skinner quote courtesy of Angie Skinner-SiriusXM NASCAR Radio via Facebook

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