Toyota NCWTS Martinsville Notes & Quotes — King & Peters

TOYOTA NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) John King & Timothy Peters — Notes & Quotes Martinsville Speedway – March 30, 2012

JOHN KING, No. 7 Red Horse Racing Toyota Tundra, Red Horse Racing Did you expect the win at Daytona to be as big as it was? “Absolutely not. We went to Daytona with just the intent of finishing the race and ended up with a victory. It’s definitely changed my life. We’ve been wide open talking to people like you nonstop. I went home and spent some time at home finally. Got to do a lot at Bristol (Motor Speedway). We were awarded the key to the city and it’s really neat how supportive my whole hometown was when we went back.”

Are you happy you had several weeks to celebrate the win? “It’s been neat. It’s almost taken that long to sink in, just exactly what we’ve been able to accomplish. I was ready to load up and go somewhere again Monday morning when we got back to the race shop. Just really excited to be here and can’t wait to get this No. 7 Toyota Tundra going.”

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What will it be like racing at Rockingham? “It’s like a really fast short track. We ran the late model race there in 2009 and that was probably one of the most fun races I’ve run. It’s extremely fast for a late model. As Timothy (Peters) said, you can race all over the race track. It’s going to be a pretty good show.”

How has the long break been following the Daytona win? “It’s been long. That’s about the only thing you can say about it. All the guys at the shop have just been working really hard and we’ve been able to get some really, really nice trucks built in this time off. We’re ready to go for these next few races. We’ve had a lot of time to sit and think about what all went on and what we plan to do in the future, which is just finish races and run all the laps.”

What has your racing career been to this point? “It’s been pretty short. I didn’t start racing until late — until I was about 16. Started on dirt, crate late models and moved to super late models in 2008 and made the switch at the end of ’08 to asphalt late models — ran nothing but that in ’09 and since then. We ran some Truck races in 2010 and 2011, so I feel l ike we’ve been able to get up to speed fairly quick — no longer than we’ve been able to race. We’ve run a lot of races. We hit the road pretty much immediately when we started racing dirt and I feel like we were able to learn a lot going to a different race track every weekend traveling all over the southeast.”

What are your expectations for the rest of the season? “(Winning at Daytona) — that was definitely unexpected. I’m going into the rest of the races with the same intent. I’m a rookie, I’ve got limited laps or no laps at the majority of these tracks and I just need to gain the most amount of experience that I can. My intent is to finish all the laps and finish the race every week. I feel like if we do that, we’ll get in the groove where we’ll have consistently good finishes.”

What is your sponsorship situation? “There is still a lot of stuff in the works and there was before Daytona. We haven’t been able to secure anything solid yet, but it’s all still going on.”

TIMOTHY PETERS, No. 17 NTB Service Central Toyota Tundra, Red Horse Racing How much do you enjoy coming back to Martinsville? “I always love coming back here to Martinsville. Clay Campbell (track president) and Mike Smith (track PR director) and all the staff here just welcome us with open arms. There’s no place like home — like Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) says. Last week we got to come up and do the Virginia Museum of Natural History and Mike Smith said it best, ‘It was Martinsville’s well kept secret.’ I had no idea that cool place was 20 minutes from my house. Just was able to see a lot of cool stuff and John (King) and I both had a lot of fun. I think he was more interested in the stuffed animals that were on the wall and that was cool. I’m a button-pusher. I like to push the buttons and see all the neat lights. The best part is that we’re here this weekend and we had a great test at Motor Mile (Fairlawn, Va.) last Thursday with our Service Central Tundra. I love Martinsville, I love the Kroger 250 and what Kroger does for this place. I can’t wait to get on the track.”

TIMOTHY PETERS, No. 17 NTB Service Central Toyota Tundra, Red Horse Racing (continued) Are you looking forward to racing at Rockingham? “We were fortunate enough to do the tire test two weeks after Daytona there and I’m going to tell you what, you guys are going to get an awesome race. Andy Hillenburg (track owner) and his staff have done a great job there. It’s pretty cool for me because I’ve done a lot of go-kart racing there in the early 90s and to finally turn laps around that place, it was pretty cool. Tire fall off is pretty good and the lines through (turns) one and two and three and four — you can run the bottom, middle or top. I’ve watched a lot of the Cup races back in the day at Rockingham and they were really exciting. Once the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series gets there, it’s going to be game on. We had a lot of things to do for Goodyear and it helped me as far as tire management with the throttle and it’s going to be fun. Whoever wins that race — the coolest part — gets their name engraved in the rock outside.”

What is the sponsorship situation at Red Horse Racing? “Service Central will be on our truck six to 10 races throughout the year, but we definitely need sponsorship across the board. I think at Daytona and what we’ve proven within this company, we can offer a lot for any corporation.”

What are your best Martinsville memories? “Probably the most would be winning my first Truck race in 2009. Then also being able to win the Bailey’s 300 in 2005. Being able to get that grandfather clock and having that sitting there in my Mom’s living room and have Martinsville Speedway winner — that makes all your dreams come true right there.”

What do you think of John King as a teammate? “When John (King) was racing late models, I was able to race with him and definitely became great friends since he joined Red Horse Racing. He’s run other Truck races with other teams and we talked a lot at driver intros and stuff. I’ve had a lot of teammates and I can get along with anybody. Me and John are kind of on the same page — he works hard for what he’s got and very appreciative, listens. I can help him and he can help me and that’s what teammates are all about. I’m glad he’s at Red Horse — not only as a teammate, but as a good friend.”

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