Ford Texas 1 Qualifying (Kenseth & Biffle Press Conference)


MATT KENSETH, No. 17 Best Buy Ford Fusion – THIS HAS BEEN KIND OF A CRAZY SCHEDULE. HOW HAS THAT AFFECTED YOU?  “The schedules have been really different this year and even last year they did a lot of this qualifying like this. I kind of like if it is a Sunday race to have Friday afternoon be a hour-and-a-half of practice, qualify and then usually we would always try to do some race practice, some qualifying practice, qualify and then have something to think about overnight before finishing up race practice Saturday morning. It is the same for everybody. They line you up by your first practice speed and everybody knew it would be important to go out late because the track should get better. Most people did half race runs and half qualifying runs in the first practice yesterday. We chose not to do anymore qualifying practice until right now. It is a different schedule but the same for everyone.”

HOW MUCH HAVE SPONSORSHIP ISSUES AFFECTED YOUR PERFORMANCE?  “I don’t think it has affected our performance. I think our performance has been good so far this year and our cars have all had paint jobs every race. It is something I don’t really concern myself with too much. I do the best job I can do on the race track and the best job I can off the race track representing the sponsors I have and I let the sales department handle the rest of it.”

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GREG BIFFLE, No. 16 Filtrete Ford Fusion –  MARTIN TRUEX JR. IS ON THE POLE. DO YOU VIEW HIM AND MWR RACING ANY DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU DID MAYBE A YEAR AGO OR EVEN SIX MONTHS AGO?  “Well, certainly this year we’ve been paying attention to him being that they have been running good all season. I’ve talked to Martin a little bit and I know that they’ve worked hard over the winter and obviously they’ve picked their program up tremendously because Mark (Martin) is running good and the 56 car is running good. I think you pay attention to whoever you are racing with each week. I would say yes.”

I HEARD YOU SAY UP THERE THAT YOU MISSED IT IN THREE AND FOUR. IS THAT WHERE YOUR LAP WENT WRONG?  “You know, I have to say that normally you can come back and say you should have done this or that different but I think our lap was pretty good. In one and two I couldn’t have done any better down there. In three and four maybe I drove in a little light because of the wind and I was worried about getting it on the bottom. That means I got on the gas super early and the car started stepping out a little bit. I wasn’t sure I could push it all the way down so I kind of feathered back on the gas and pushed it back down and felt it step out. I feathered the gas two brief times and then held it down. I probably should have rode it up the track a little bit and that might have been a tick faster, I don’t know. I was pretty close to getting all there was there and if I had held it down I don’t know if I would have went faster or not but it would have been close because we were all so close anyway.”

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