Lap by Lap: Sam’s Town 300 won by Sam Hornish Jr.

Sam Hornish Jr. would dominate on the way to winning the Sam Town’s 300 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway to score his second career Nationwide Series victory. The win allows him to keep the Nationwide Series points lead.


Green flag and Brian Vickers leads ahead of Trevor Bayne
American Muscle

Lap 2 Vickers Bayne, Austin Dillon, Brad Keselowski

Lap 3 Vickers A Dilon Bayne Keselowski, Parker Kligerman, Brian Scott, Sam Hornish Jr., Justin Allgaier, Ty Dillon….Eric McClure brings out the first caution with a huge trail of smoke

Restart lap 8 Vickers leads them off of turn two with Dillon in toe…..Dillon gets the run down the backstretch and gets alongside Vickers.

Lap 9 Dillon leads at the line with Vickers to his inside followed by Keselowski. Vickers grabs the lead back through turns three and four

Lap 10 Vickers Dillion Keselowski Bayne Scott Allgaier Kligerman Hornish Jr. Smith Sadler

Lap 11 Keselowski passes Dillon for second

Lap 12 Kligerman, Hornish Jr. and Smith pass Allgaier

Lap 14 Sadler passes Allgaier for ninth

Lap 15 Vickers leads Keselowski Dillon Bayne Scott Kligerman Hornish Jr Smith Sadler Allgaier

Lap 22 Keselowski passes Vickers for the lead

Lap 28 Keselowski leads Vickers Dillon Bayne Scott Hornish Kligerman, Kyle Busch, Smith and Sadler….Ky Busch passes Kligerman seventh

Lap 31 Daryl Harr blackflagged for not meeting the minimum speed – he has made it to pit road. Smith passes Kligerman for eighth.

Lap 35 Competition yellow due to lack of practice with the weather situation.  Pit stops. Bayne leads Smith Keselowski Vickers Dillon Hornish Ky Busch Sadler Scott and Earnhardt Jr. Top two drivers took two tires while the rest took four.

Restart lap 42 Bayne and Smith side-by-side for the lead while its two, three-wide behind them.

Lap 43 Bayne leads while Smith and Vickers are side-by-side for second

Lap 44 Bayne Smith Vickers Hornish Keselowski, A Dillon Ky Busch Sadler Scott, Ty Dillon

Lap 47 Ky Busch passes A Dillon for sixth; Earnhardt Jr. passes Ty Dillon for 10th

Lap 50 Dillon passes Ky Busch back for sixth…….Bayne Smith Vickers Hornish Keselowski A Dillon Ky Busch Sadler Scott Earnhardt Jr.

Caution lap 56 Joe Nemechek wrecks with the No. 01. Bayne pits from the lead with some of the mid-pack cars. Smith takes over the lead.

Restart lap 61 Hornish makes it three-wide on the restart with Smith and Vickers. Smith and Hornish go side-by-side for the lead into turn three. Hornish clears Smith off turn four.

Lap 62 Hornish leads ahead of Vickers and Smith.

Lap 63 Hornish leads Smith Vickers Keselowski Ky Busch A Dillon Scott Sadler Earnhardt Jr and T Dillon

Lap 64 Vickers passes Smith for second

Lap 66 A Dillon passes Ky Busch for fifth

Lap 69 Keselowski passes Smith for third

Lap 71 Hornish leads Vickers Keselowski Smith A Dillon Ky Busch Scott Sadler Earnhardt Jr and T Dillon

Caution lap 81 Robert Richardson Jr. goes for a spin. Leaders hit pit road. Bayne leads Larson A Dillon Vickers Bowman Piquet Jr Hornish Scott. Some took two tires, some took fuel only, some took four tires.

Restart lap 87. Bayne and Larson side-by-side for the lead. Both drivers get into the wall off of turn four while racing for the lead. Bayne got loose and up into Larson. Caution comes out. Dillon and Vickers were side-by-side behind them.

Restart lap 92 Vickers restarts of the leader, clears Austin Dillon through turns three and four.

Lap 93 Hornish passes A Dillon for second

Lap 94 Hornish passes Vickers for the lead, ahead of A Dillon, Bowman, Keselowski, Ky Busch, Sadler, Smith, Piquet Jr. and Ty Dillon.

Lap 95 Keselowski passes Bowman for fourth.

Lap 97 Smith passes Sadler for seventh; Allgaier passes Piquet Jr and Ty Dillon for ninth

Lap 98 Scott passes Piquet Jr and Ty Dillon for 10th

Lap 100 Busch and Smith pass Bowman; Scott passes Allgaier

Lap 102 Hornish leads Vickers Keselowski A Dillon Ky Busch Smith Sadler Bowman Scott and Ty Dillon

Lap 125 Keselowski running into major issues, made a couple of pit stops. Hornish leads Vickers.

Lap 136 Keselowski is back down pit road with splitter and shock issues, to go with their temperature issues.

Lap 137 Kyle Busch passes Vickers for second. Parker Kligerman goes behind the wall. Caution for debris. Kyle Busch leads Vickers Hornish A Dillon Smith Sadler T Dillon Scott and Bayne off pit road. “It popped out of gear. It’s okay. I just have a cut left rear tire…..Sorry guys. That was stupid on my part.” – Kligerman

Restart lap 145 as Vickers and Kyle Busch are side-by-side for the lead. Earnhardt Jr. came on pit road as everyone to green with a flat left rear tire.

Lap 147 Ky Busch Vickers A Dillon Hornish Sadler Smith Scott Bowman Bayne T Dillon

50 laps to go Vickers and Ky Busch side-by-side for the lead. Hornish passes Dillon for third

49 laps to go Ky Busch holds Vickers off, Hornish grabs second from Vickers

48 laps to go Hornish and Ky Busch side-by-side for the lead.

47 laps to go Hornish grabs the lead ahead of Ky Busch Vickers Sadler Dillon

46 laps to go Keselowski to the garage.

36 to go Hornish leads Ky Busch and Vickers

34 laps to go Hornish leads Ky Busch Vickers Sadler A Dillon Scott Smith Bayne T Dillon Bowman

28 laps to go Bayne passes Smith for seventh

19 to go Smith passes Bayne back for seventh

Caution 18 to go Scott Lagasse Jr. goes for a spin after getting loose. Brad Sweet gets the lucky dog as he just went a lap down to leader Sam Hornish Jr. Top seven stay out as the back half pits. There are 13 cars on the lead lap with Sweet getting the lucky dog.

Restart 13 laps to go Hornish and Busch are side-by-side for the lead as Kyle Larson wrecks on the backstretch to bring out the caution. Joey Gase was slow, got hit by Ryan Seig…Gase then hit Larson, sending Larson into the outside wall. Earnhardt Jr. gets the lucky dog. On restart will be Hornish KyBusch Sadler Bayne Vickers Bowman ADillon Scott TDillon Smith Pastrana Piquet Sweet DaleJr

Restart 8 laps to go Kyle Busch and Hornish side-by-side for the lead.

6 laps to go Hornish to the lead ahead of Ky Busch through turns one and two

5 laps to go Hornish leads Ky Busch while Bayne and Sadler are side-by-side for third

4 laps to go Vickers makes it three-wide with Bayne and Sadler off of turn four

3 to go Vickers passes Bayne for third. Piquet Jr. scrapes the wall

2 to go Hornish leads Ky Busch Vickers

Sam Hornish Jr. wins at Las Vegas. Kyle Busch. Vickers. Bayne Sadler A Dillon Smith Bowman Scott Pastrana T Dillon Sweet Piquet Earnhardt Jr

Unofficial Race Results
Sam’s Town 300, Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Pos. St. No. Driver Make Points
1 7 12 Sam Hornish Jr. Ford 48
2 23 54 Kyle Busch(i) Toyota 0
3 1 20 Brian Vickers Toyota 42
4 2 6 Trevor Bayne Ford 41
5 15 11 Elliott Sadler Toyota 39
6 4 3 Austin Dillon Chevrolet 39
7 12 7 Regan Smith Chevrolet 38
8 18 99 Alex Bowman # Toyota 36
9 3 2 Brian Scott Chevrolet 35
10 31 60 Travis Pastrana Ford 34
11 5 33 Ty Dillon(i) Chevrolet 0
12 17 5 Brad Sweet Chevrolet 32
13 11 30 Nelson Piquet Jr. # Chevrolet 31
14 32 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.(i) Chevrolet 0
15 10 31 Justin Allgaier Chevrolet 29
16 9 43 Reed Sorenson Ford 28
17 20 19 Mike Bliss Toyota 27
18 21 51 Ryan Sieg Chevrolet 0
19 27 70 Johanna Long Chevrolet 25
20 40 8 Scott Lagasse Jr. Chevrolet 24
21 22 24 Blake Koch Toyota 23
22 36 55 Jamie Dick Chevrolet 22
23 37 92 Dexter Stacey # Ford 21
24 14 44 Hal Martin # Toyota 20
25 26 40 Josh Wise Chevrolet 19
26 34 79 Jeffrey Earnhardt # Ford 19
27 16 87 Joe Nemechek Toyota 17
28 30 15 Juan Carlos Blum # Ford 16
29 29 23 Robert Richardson Jr. Chevrolet 15
30 8 77 Parker Kligerman Toyota 14
31 25 4 Daryl Harr Chevrolet 13
32 13 32 Kyle Larson # Chevrolet 13
33 38 52 Joey Gase Chevrolet 11
34 19 1 Mike Wallace Chevrolet 10
35 28 0 Jason White Toyota 9
36 35 74 Kevin Lepage Chevrolet 8
37 6 22 Brad Keselowski(i) Ford 0
38 33 10 Jeff Green Toyota 6
39 39 42 Chase Miller Chevrolet 5
40 24 14 Eric McClure Toyota 4

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