NASCAR Says No Pit Crew Challenge This Year

If you were planning to take in the Pit Crew Challenge this year while attending the races at Charlotte Motor Speedway in May, you will have to wait another year and hope that NASCAR is able to get things back on track for 2014.

The only competition based around the crews, not the drivers, the Pit Crew Challenge was used to highlight the best performing crews and set the pit box assignment for the NASCAR All-Star Race at CMS. This year, those box selections may be set by qualifying times, because NASCAR has said there will be no Pit Crew Challenge in conjunction with the All-Star race.

“While we remain committed to the continuation of the unique competition that the pit crew challenge offers our teams and our fans, it will not be held this year,” NASCAR spokesperson Kerry Tharp said. He added that the sanctioning body is hopeful that a “more sustainable model” for the program can be found in 2014.

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It is a loss to the fans and the teams that would be competing, but with any luck at all, NASCAR will get the event back on track for next season. Will the format be the same? Well, I think that remains to be seen. The event has had many different formats and names since its inception in 1976 at Rockingham Speedway, where it remained until 2003. That year also saw a break in the event, but it was revived again in 2005, so maybe this year off will result in a new and improved event for 2014.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, happy to see I’m not the only one sick of Nascar/ISC looking out for only themselves. Even if they step up now, it is still too bad they have to be reminded of what the right thing is. Anybody remember when Sports Marketing(Winston) stepped up and sponsored cars in the Daytona 500 to honor each branch of the military during the first Gulf war?

  2. Why dosen’t NASCAR with it’s deep pockets pony up the money. How come because they (NASCAR) can’t get a sponsor to pay for a “business expense” they cancel it? Not fair for the fans and more so for the crews.

    Do the right thing NASCAR, dig in and do the right thing. We (fans) are PAYING thru the nose for tickets to your events, putting millions into NASCAR pockets. Invest some of it back into the event, instead of blaming lack of sponsorship


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