Lap by Lap: O’Reilly 300 won by Kyle Busch

Amongst the mixed pit strategies, Kyle Busch wins the O’Reilly 300 at Texas Motor Speedway for his fourth NASCAR Nationwide Series victory of the season in six starts this season.


Lap 1 Alex Bowman leads ahead of Kyle Busch while Hornish and Keselowski battle for third

American Muscle

Lap 2 Bowman leads Ky Busch Hornish Keselowski Dillon Smith Harvick Kenseth Sadler Larson

Lap 3 Hornish passes Busch second

Lap 5 Bowman and Hornish are side-by-side for the lead

Lap 6 Hornish Jr passes Bowman for the lead while Keselowski passes Ky Busch for third

Lap 7 Keselowski passes Bowman for second

Lap 8 Hornish leads Keselowski Bowman Ky Busch Dillon Smith Kenseth Sadler Vickers Harvick

Lap 10 Kenseth passes Dillon and Smith for position

Lap 19 Hornish leads Keselowski Ky Busch Kenseth Bowman Dillon Smith Sadler Vickers Kahne

Lap 22 Vickers and Kahne past Sadler for eighth and ninth

Lap 23 Keselowski and Hornish side-by-side for the lead and Keselowski takes the lead off of turn four

Caution Lap 24 Robert Richardson Jr. goes around in turn two after getting loose. Leaders head down pit road. Ky Busch leads Hornish off of pit road as they all take four tires. Eric McClure has got out of the car, handing the reins over to Jeff Green. Jamie Dick gets the lucky dog.

Restart lap 31 Kyle Busch gets the jump on the restart ahead of the field.

Lap 33 Busch leads Hornish Vickers Smith Keselowski Kenseth Dillon Kahne Harvick Larson

Lap 34 Keselowski passes Smith back for fourth

Lap 35 Kenseth passes Smith for fifth

Lap 37 Ky Busch leads Hornish Vickers Keselowski Kenseth Smith Kahne Dillon Harvick Larson

Lap 38 Keselowski passes Vickers for third

Lap 41 Kahne passes Smith for sixth; Earnhardt Jr. and Sadler pass Larson

Caution lap 43 Larson spins around off of turn four.  Top 16 stay out as some drivers at the back make their way down pit road. “We’re done, left front blew & I almost hit that (expletive) truck” Larson blew the left front on the backstretch & just missed safety truck.

Restart lap 50 Busch and Keselowski side-by-side through turns one and two. Busch holds the lead off of turn four as Hornish looks for second by Keselowski

Lap 52 Busch leads Keselowski Hornish Vickers Kenseth Kahne Smith Dillon Harvick Earnhardt Jr.

Lap 54 Keselowski looking under Busch for the lead going into turn three and gets the lead off of turn four. Keselowski to the lead.

Lap 56 Kahne passes Kenseth for fifth; Smith passes Kenseth for sixth

Caution lap 65 debris in turn three on the high side. Leaders head down pit road – some just get fuel, some get tires. Keselowski leads Hornish Ky Busch Earnhardt Harvick Kahne Smith Vickers Dillon and Sadler off of pit road. Top five took no tires. Teams have five sets of tires for the race. Dexter Stacey got the lucky dog.

Restart lap 69 as Hornish and Keselowski go into turns one and two side-by-side for the lead. Hornish grabs the lead off of turn four from Keselowski.

Lap 72 Hornish leads Kahne Keselowski Vickers Ky Busch

Lap 73 Hornish and Kahne side-by-side for the lead as Kahne grabs the lead off of turn two

Lap 75 Kahne leads Vickers Hornish Keselowski Smith Busch Sadler Dillon Bayne Bowman

Lap 76 Sadler passes Busch

Lap 77 Dillon passes Busch

Lap 78 Bayne passes Busch

Lap 79 Bowman passes Busch

Lap 80 Kahne leads Vickers Hornish Smith Keselowski Sadler Dillon Bayne Bowman Busch…..Smith passes Hornish; Sadler passes Keselowski

Lap 82 Dillon and Bayne passes Keselowski

Lap 83 Kahne leads Vickers Smith Sadler Dillon Hornish Bayne Keselowski Bowman Kenseth

Caution lap 93 debris at the bottom of turn three. Leaders head down pit road. Mix of strategies. Sadler leads Dillon Vicker Bowman Smith Bayne Scott Allgaier Swindell and Kligermann of pit road. Kenseth stays out to take the lead.

Restart lap 99 Kenseth and Sadler are side-by-side into turns one and two as Kenseth pulls off the corner in the lead

Lap 100 Kenseth leads Dillon Sadler Hornish Bowman Vickers Kahne Allgaier Bayne and Smith

99 to go Earnhardt Jr., Busch and Keselowski pass Smith; Hornish passes Dillon for second

97 to go Kenseth leads Hornish Dillon Sadler Kahne Bowman Busch Earnhardt Keselowski Vickers

96 to go Kahne passes Sadler, and then Dillon

94 to go Hornish passes Kenseth for the lead

93 to go Hornish leads Kenseth Kahne Busch Dillon Keselowski Earnhardt Sadler Bowman Vickers

92 to go Sadler makes an unscheduled pit stop so put Bowman eighth and Vickers ninth

90 to go Hornish leads Kahne Busch Kenseth Keselowski Earnhardt Dillon Bowman Harvick Vickers

89 to go Kahne passes Hornish for the lead

Lap 115 Kyle Busch to the lead past Kasey Kahne

81 to go Busch leads Kahne Keselowski Hornish Earnhardt Kenseth Harvick Dillon Bowman Vickers

80 to go Landon Cassill slow down the backstretch – Caution as Richardson Jr. goes for a slide through the frontstretch grass. Leaders head down pit road for a mix of fuel and tires again. Hornish leads Earnhardt Kahne Keselowski Vickers Dillon Harvick Kenseth Ky Busch M Wallace. Kenseth was too fast off pit road so he will go to the rear. Nelson Piquet gets the lucky dog.

Restart 73 to go Hornish and Earnhardt side-by-side off through turns one and two for the lead. Keselowski grabs the lead off of four ahead of Earnhardt and Dillon

70 to go Keselowski leads Dillon Busch Earnhardt Harvick Kahne Bowman Vickers Allgaier Smith; Allgaer passes Vickers

69 to go Busch passes Dillon for second

68 to go Harvick and Bowman pass Earnhardt; Vickers, Bayne, Allgaier, Smith and Swindell pass Kahne

Caution 67 to go Dexter Stacey goes around off of turn four. Richardson Jr. spins to avoid Stacey. Leaders stay out. Kasey Kahne puts the set of tires he ran earlier in the race back on while Hornish gets fresh tires. Sadler fuel only.

Restart 60 to go Keselowski and Busch side-by-side for the lead

Caution 59 to go Hornish and Clements wreck after making contact while racing for position. Leaders stay out. Vickers gets fuel only while Earnhardt comes and gets one of his two sets of tires left. Kahne fixing right rear damage.

Restart 52 to go Busch and Keselowski side-by-side for the lead

51 to go Busch to the lead ahead of Keselowski

50 to go Busch leads Keselowski Harvick Dillon Bowman Bayne Allgaier Smith Kligerman Scott. Earnhardt from 22nd to 12th in two laps

48 to go Bayne passes Bowman. Earnhardt Jr. passes Swindell for 11th

46 to go Scott and Earnhart pass Kligerman

43 to go Busch leads Keselowski Harvick Dllon Bowman Bayne Allgaier Smith Earnhardt Scott

39 to go Bayne to pit road, unscheduled, with overheating issues

36 to go Busch Keselowski Harvick Dillon Bowman Earnhardt

34 to go Caution for debris in turn three. Leaders head down pit road. Busch leads Keselowski Harvick Earnhardt Dillon Koch Bowman Scott Vickers Allgaier.

Restart 29 to go Keselowski and Busch side-by-side into turns one and two. Busch grabs the advantage off of turn two.

27 to go Busch leads Keselowski Harvick Dillon Bowman Earnhardt Vickers Scott Smith Kenseth

25 to go Earnhardt, Vickers and Scott pass Bowman

24 to go Smith passes Bowman……Busch leads Keselowski Harvick Dillon Earnhardt Vickers Scott Smith Kenseth and Allgaier.

23 to go Smith passes Scott

21 to go Busch leads Keselowski Harvick Dillon Earnhardt Vickers Smith Scott Kenseth and Allgaier

19 to go Kenseth passes Scott for eighth

15 to go Allgaier passes Scott for ninth

14 to go Smith and Kenseth pass Vickers

12 to go Busch leads Keselowski Harvick Dillon Earnhardt Smith Kenseth Vickers Kahne Allgaier

8 to go Dillon passes Harvick; Kenseth passes Smith; Scott passes Allgaier

5 to go Kahne passes Vickers; Allgaier passes Scott back

3 to go Earnhardt Jr. passes Harvick for fourth

2 to go Kenseth and Smith pass Harvick for fifth and sixth

Kyle Busch wins at Texas. Keselowski. Dillon. Earnhardt. Harvick. Kenseth. Smith. Kahne. Vickers. Allgaier.

Unofficial Race Results
O’Reilly 300, Texas Motor Speedway
Pos. St. No. Driver Make Points
1 2 54 Kyle Busch(i) Toyota 0
2 5 22 Brad Keselowski(i) Ford 0
3 3 3 Austin Dillon Chevrolet 41
4 11 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.(I) Chevrolet 0
5 7 33 Kevin Harvick(i) Chevrolet 0
6 9 18 Matt Kenseth(i) Toyota 0
7 6 7 Regan Smith Chevrolet 37
8 16 5 Kasey Kahne(i) Chevrolet 0
9 13 20 Brian Vickers Toyota 35
10 14 31 Justin Allgaier Chevrolet 34
11 20 2 Brian Scott Chevrolet 33
12 8 77 Parker Kligerman Toyota 32
13 10 11 Elliott Sadler Toyota 31
14 1 99 Alex Bowman # Toyota 31
15 25 43 Reed Sorenson Ford 29
16 17 98 Kevin Swindell # Ford 28
17 23 16 Chris Buescher Ford 27
18 19 30 Nelson Piquet Jr. # Chevrolet 26
19 27 87 Joe Nemechek Toyota 25
20 18 19 Mike Bliss Toyota 24
21 28 1 Mike Wallace Chevrolet 24
22 36 79 Jeffrey Earnhardt # Ford 23
23 30 92 Dexter Stacey # Ford 21
24 35 24 Blake Koch Toyota 21
25 31 55 Jamie Dick Chevrolet 19
26 15 6 Trevor Bayne Ford 18
27 24 70 Johanna Long Chevrolet 17
28 34 74 Kevin Lepage Chevrolet 16
29 39 15 Juan Carlos Blum # Ford 15
30 37 14 Eric McClure Toyota 14
31 38 23 Robert Richardson Jr. Chevrolet 13
32 12 32 Kyle Larson # Chevrolet 12
33 21 60 Travis Pastrana Ford 11
34 4 12 Sam Hornish Jr. Ford 11
35 22 51 Jeremy Clements Chevrolet 10
36 26 4 Landon Cassill(i) Chevrolet 0
37 33 40 Josh Wise Chevrolet 7
38 32 44 Hal Martin # Toyota 6
39 40 42 JJ Yeley(i) Chevrolet 0
40 29 10 Jeff Green Toyota 4

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