Hot 20 over the past 10 – Grey area is gone as Penske discovers

Sometimes teams get real upset when NASCAR docks them six points for a rule infraction. I am thinking Martin Truex Jr. and Waltrip Racing said thanks, as they got a peck on the cheek from momma. Compare that to the boot in the nether regions experienced by Team Penske after Texas.

25 points off, their crew chiefs, car chiefs, engineers and team manager all suspended for six weeks, never mind the $100,000 fines the crew chiefs had to pony up. Those rear end parts they confiscated put NASCAR in one ugly mood. Forget about working in a grey area, as it would seem that things are laid out in black and white, and you tinker with what is regulated at your own peril.

It was a good thing both Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano were in the top Ten last Saturday night. A finish outside the top Twenty and they would have been better off staying home. I have heard that they were ratted out by another team, that at one time teams kept quiet about such things and just tried to emulate what the other guy had done. If that is true then you can forget about that grey area, too. You cheat, you will get caught. One way or another.

American Muscle

No, this is not Smokey Yunick’s NASCAR anymore. It has not been for 40 years. I am reminded of the time one of his cars got tagged for nine infractions while going through inspection. Smokey told the officials they might as well make it ten as he drove the car back to the garage, minus the confiscated gas tank. Imagine the penalty hit he would have faced today.

While Keselowski and Logano took their hits, both appear relatively healthy on our ten race charts. The defending champ dropped a couple of spots, while Logano actually moved up a position even though he is 13 points poorer than a week ago.

Kyle Busch had three top Fives to end last season and combined with five more in 2013, including wins at Fontana and Texas, he is our top gun. Mark Martin returned to the track and bounced up six positions to return to our hot 20, while Jeff Gordon’s problems last week dropped him four to barely get a mention. One thing that has become clear is that contenders average nearly 30 points or better per race, pretenders do not.

Some are just plain lucky. 20 years ago Amy said “I do”, allowing me to move it on up quicker than the Jefferson’s. I am thankful she is such a charitable person.

Name Points POS LW W T5 T10
  Kyle Busch  378 1 2 2 8 8
  Greg Biffle  349 2 4 0 2 7
  Brad Keselowski  346 3 1 0 5 8
  Jimmie Johnson  338 4 3 3 4 6
  Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  328 5 5 0 3 7
  Carl Edwards  327 6 8 1 4 4
  Kasey Kahne  315 7 6 1 4 5
  Kevin Harvick  310 8 11 1 1 4
  Clint Bowyer  304 9 7 0 3 5
  Matt Kenseth  302 10 9 1 2 4
  Paul Menard  291 11 10 0 0 4
  Ryan Newman  284 12 13 0 3 6
  Aric Almirola  280 13 12 0 1 2
  Joey Logano  262 14 15 0 2 2
  Jamie McMurray  261 15 17 0 0 2
  Kurt Busch  258 16 14 0 2 5
  Tony Stewart  249 17 19 0 1 2
  Mark Martin  244 18 24 0 1 3
  Marcos Ambrose  239 19 20 0 0 1
  Jeff Gordon  237 20 16 1 2 3


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