Lap by Lap: SFP 250 won by Matt Crafton

Matt Crafton would make a three-wide move with 30 laps to go to grab the lead and held Joey Coulter off in the final laps to win the SFP 250 for his first victory of 2013, the third for ThorSport Racing in four races this year.


Lap 1 Buescher and Paludo side-by-side for the lead. Buescher clears Paludo off of turn four

American Muscle

Lap 4 Buescher leads Paludo Burton Sauter Dillon Ky Busch Crafton Gresham Coulter Bodine

Lap 8 Crafton passes Busch

Caution lap 13 as Kyle Busch gets loose, going for a spin while getting loose underneath Ty Dillon. Leaders had down pit road for fuel. Paludo leads Buescher Coulter Crafton off pit road.

Restart lap 20 Paludo and Buescher side-by-side for the lead. Agnew gets into the wall but continues on

Caution lap 23 Spencer Gallagher goes for the spin as Paludo and Buescher were still side-by-side for the lead

Restart lap 27 Buescher with the advantage through turns one and two as Paludo and Coulter are side-by-side for second

Caution lap 28 John Wes Townley goes around and gets into the wall. Coulter got sideways – saved it but bunches up the field. Ty Dillon got sideways – saved it; Townley gets sideways and wrecks. “How does it feel you dumb ass? The carburetor is really bad at idle and cracking throttle for 15-20 percent,” says Ky Busch

Restart lap 34  Buescher and Paludo are side-by-side for the lead. Leaders get loose while battling for the lead and Paludo gets into the wall hard. Caution is back out. The No. 07 gets the lucky dog.

Restart lap 39 Crafton and Buescher side-by-side for the lead. Buescher clears Crafton in turns one and two.

Lap 44 Buescher leads Hornaday Ky Busch Quiroga Logano Coulter Gaughan Wallace Crafton Dillon. Newberry serves a penalty for changing lanes before the restart

Lap 46 Wallace Jr. passes Gaughan

Lap 48 Busch passes Hornaday for second

Lap 50 Buescher leads Busch, Hornaday, Quiroga, Logano, Coulter, Wallace Jr., Gaughan, Crafton, Dillon

Lap 58 Coulter and Wallace pass Logano; Crafton passes Gaughan

Lap 60 Sieg slow on the backstretch apron

Lap 61 Buescher leads Busch Honaday Quiroga Coulter Wallace Logano Crafton Gaughan Dillon

Lap 62 Buescher checks up for the lap track of Gallagher, allowing Busch to go by for the lead

Lap 64 Busch leads Buescher Hornaday Quiroga Coulter Wallace Logano Crafton Gaughan Dillon

Lap 73 Ky Busch, Gaughan, Buescher, Hornaday head down pit road. Quiroga to the lead.

Lap 74 Quiroga and Crafton head down pit road. Hornaday busted for speeding, has to serve a pass through. Darrell Wallace Jr. to the lead.

Lap 79 Wallace Jr. leads Jeb Burton. They have yet to pit due to pit stops earlier in the race.

Lap 81 Wallace Jr. pits, hands the lead to Jeb Burton

Lap 83 Caution comes out for debris. Jeb Burton and bunch pit under caution. Dillon leads Burton Peters and Bodine off pit road. Plenty of trucks to take the wavearound. Busch gets the lucky dog.

Restart lap 88 Dillon and Burton side-by-side for the lead.

Lap 89 Dillon clears Burton coming out of turn two

Caution lap 90 Quiroga gets loose and takes Kyle Busch with him to the wall. Coulter gets the lucky dog.

Restart lap 96 Jeb Burton clears Ty Dillon for the lead in turns one and two

69 to go Sauter got loose and took Gresham up to the wall; Buescher chases Burton down for the lead

67 to go Burton leads Buescher, Dillon, Blaney, Bodine, Peters……Logano to pit road with engine issues “Oil pump belt”

66 to go Burton leads Buescher, Dillon, Blaney, Bodine, Peters, Crafton, Wallace, Sauter and Gaughan

65 to go Jeff Agnew got into the wall but keeps it going.

Caution 64 to go debris as Agnew stops on the backstretch. Top 9 stay out as Gaughan is first driver to head down pit road. Coulter also pits.

Restart 59 to go Burton and Buescher side-by-side for the lead. Caution as David Starr has a flat and Spencer Gallagher runs into the back of him. Leaders head down pit road.  Coulter leads Burton Blaney Gaughan Peters Wallace off pit road.

Restart 49 to go Coulter and Gaughan battle for the lead as Burton spins the tires. Burton comes back and grabs the lead from Coulter off of turn four.

Caution 48 to go Newberry got loose under Bodine, sending them both to the wall. Silas then makes hard contact with Bodine. Ron Hornaday gets the lucky dog.

47 laps left. JebBurton Coulter WallaceJr Gaughan Buescher Crafton Blaney Peters Sauter Dillon Quiroga Hornaday

Restart 42 to go as Burton and Coulter are side-by-side for the lead. Coulter with the lead ahead of Burton off of turn four

41 to go Burton dives under Coulter for the lead but gets loose, dropping back. Wallace up to second behind Coulter.

37 to go Coulter leads Wallace, Buescher, Gaughan, Crafton, Blaney, Burton, Sauter, Peters and Dillon

Caution 36 to go Justin Jennings runs into problems. Got loose and went for a spin. Top seven stay out as Burton is the first to pit.

Restart 31 to go as Coulter and Wallace are side-by-side for the lead

30 to go Crafton makes a three-wide move for the lead past Coulter and Wallace as Burton goes around for a spin in turns three and four

Restart 26 to go as Crafton and Coulter are side-by-side for the lead. Coulter gets loose, allowing Crafton to have the advantage

22 to go Crafton leads Coulter Gaughan Blaney Sauter Buescher Wallace Dillon Hornaday Peters

13 to go Wallace passes Buescher

3 to go Buescher passes Wallace back

FL Blaney passes Gaughan in turn two.

Matt Crafton wins. Coulter. Blaney Gaughan. Sauter. Buescher. Wallace Jr. Dillon

Sauter leads Crafton by 12 points

Unofficial Race Results
SFP 250, Kansas Speedway
Pos. St. No. Driver Make Points
1 6 88 Matt Crafton Toyota 47
2 11 18 Joey Coulter Toyota 43
3 19 29 Ryan Blaney # Ford 41
4 8 62 Brendan Gaughan Chevrolet 40
5 4 98 Johnny Sauter Toyota 39
6 1 31 James Buescher Chevrolet 40
7 15 54 Darrell Wallace Jr. # Toyota 38
8 5 3 Ty Dillon Chevrolet 37
9 13 9 Ron Hornaday Jr. Chevrolet 35
10 18 17 Timothy Peters Toyota 34
11 12 77 German Quiroga # Toyota 34
12 14 60 Dakoda Armstrong Chevrolet 32
13 31 81 David Starr Toyota 31
14 23 5 Tim George Jr. Ford 30
15 3 4 Jeb Burton # Chevrolet 30
16 28 68 Clay Greenfield 28
17 33 10 Jennifer Jo Cobb Chevrolet 27
18 27 63 Justin Jennings Chevrolet 26
19 21 99 Bryan Silas Ford 26
20 17 14 Brennan Newberry # Chevrolet 24
21 10 13 Todd Bodine Toyota 23
22 36 21 Spencer Gallagher Chevrolet 22
23 30 27 Jeff Agnew Chevrolet 21
24 16 19 Joey Logano(i) Ford 0
25 9 8 Max Gresham Chevrolet 19
26 34 57 Norm Benning Chevrolet 18
27 7 51 Kyle Busch(i) Toyota 0
28 25 6 Danny Efland(i) Chevrolet 0
29 24 39 Ryan Sieg Chevrolet 15
30 35 7 Jamie Dick(i) Chevrolet 0
31 2 32 Miguel Paludo Chevrolet 14
32 20 7 John Wes Townley Toyota 12
33 29 84 Mike Harmon(i) Chevrolet 0
34 26 93 Chris Jones Chevrolet 10
35 22 38 JJ Yeley(i) Chevrolet 0
36 32 0 Scott Saunders 8

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