Piquet and Scott back on track after altercation at Richmond

One week ago at Richmond International Raceway, Nationwide drivers Nelson Piquet Jr and Brian Scott battled hard in the closing laps. Beating and banging for position late in the race is common place on NASCAR’s short tracks and is one of the reasons these tracks are so popular.

In this case, however, tempers flared and the anger flowed over into the pit area. As the two approached each other out of their car, words were exchanged and Piquet unleashed a kick on Scott that landed below the belt. Both drivers were called to the NASCAR hauler to discuss the incident with officials. Later that evening two crew members were arrested for allegedly committing an assault on a group of people that included Piquet.

As the series moves from the short 3/4 mile track to the longest track on the schedule, the two will again face each other. Though, Talladega is not known as a track that drivers retaliate at, it is probably the track that it would be easiest to accomplish retaliation.

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The speedway is known for large packs of cars jockeying for position and many times going four wide. Both Scott and Piquet have stated the incident is behind them. However, if either finds themself in the right spot at the right time, they could easily “mis-judge” and lightly touch the other leading to a short day and bad finish for the victim.

NASCAR irony seems to always come into play after two drivers get angry at each other. Scott will start eighth on Saturday, with Piquet not far back in 16th. More often than not, however, the same two drivers end up racing around each other the following week. It will be interesting to see if Scott or Piquet “mis-judge” this week and sends the other to the garage.

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