Keselowski Takes To Twitter With Claims Of Cheating

We have seen it before; NASCAR Champion Brad Keselowski using Twitter to tell fans when he feels something is wrong in the world of stock car racing. This time though, Keselowski has gone too far according to some fans and NASCAR.

After a three and a half hour rain delay of the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega and a huge crash with just six laps left in the race, Keselowski lined up for 10th place restart. In his latest Twitter rant, he says the eventual race winner, David Ragan, was supposed to be behind him but instead lined up to his right. Keselowski claims that this move gave Ragan the win in the end.

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The tweets continued for a while with fans expressing their opinion on both sides of the argument but in the end, NASCAR says that Ragan was moved into the proper position and that Brad was not lined up properly.

In the end, NASCAR will be the judge and yet again Brad Keselowski will be under the microscope by many for his choice to use Twitter as a vehicle to vent his displeasure to the world. Do you think NASCAR should impose some sort of penalty for the comments or should it just be let go as a disappointed driver venting after a frustrating day of hard racing?

Given NASCAR’s heavy-handed use of the rule book this season, one has to wonder if they will choose to come down on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion for the negative comments made through his social media account.

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  1. Kez is taking himself out of the championship, one little nitpick at a time. You have to be mentally strong to push through the BS of the season, and that’s true in any sport. He did it last year, but hasn’t this year.

    “Snitches get stitches.” Brad, you’re giving US plenty of stitches while we laugh at your snitches.

  2. I think that he is as guilty of negative comments as Denny Hamlin was. Call it what you like but is it fair to all concerned. If you get frustrated and make a remark that isn’t in the good taste you pay. Where do you draw the line after all every one is entitled to their opinion.

  3. Seems alittle “pot calling the kettle black” at this point. I’m overly tired of Brad and his opinions…for some reason…especially since he won the Championship last season… Brad has designated himself the sole authority and all knowing king of everything NASCAR…and he just doesn’t seem to know when to close his mouth… I just don’t get how one person can imagine himself to be as knowledgable on every minor issue on and off the track…and claim to be right all the time. As David Gilliland told Danica…shut up and drive! ‘Nuff said!

    • I am not sure that it is as bad as all that but I do wonder if there needs to be some changes in the way Penske handles his drivers. That and someone needs to take Brad’s Twitter password away for a while.


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