Ford Racing NNS Notes & Quotes:
NNS 5-Hour Energy 200 (Dover International Speedway)
Saturday, June 1, 2013


JOEY LOGANO, No. 22 Shell Pennzoil Ford Mustang – TALK ABOUT YOUR RUN OUT THERE TODAY. “Starting from practice really this is one of those race tracks that I feel like I really know what it takes to win and what I need in a race car and I was able to give Jeremy the feedback he needs to really give it to me. Last night I felt like we still weren’t there. We had decent speed in our car. I thought we were a second place car but not quite good enough to win. Jeremy and all the 22 team did a good job just changing about everything on it and got the car a little bit better. We were able to maintain second or third the first run and then we got up to the lead for a little bit and really the winning call was the last pit stop when Jeremy made an audible and decided to do two tires after we already took our two in order to beat out a lot of those guys. I think the first guy on four was back in 10th. That gave us track position and I made sure I held it off. That was a lot of firsts for me today, winning for Hertz, with the 22 Nationwide team, winning for Ford and most importantly winning for Roger (Penske). That is definitely the coolest part about this win. There is a huge list of great race car drivers that have won for Roger Penske and it is cool to have my name put on that list too.”

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JEREMY BULLINS, crew chief, No. 22 Shell Pennzoil Ford Mustang – TALK ABOUT THAT LAST PIT CALL AND BEING PART OF HIS SUCCESS HERE AT DOVER. “It is awesome. Obviously he is really good here to win three in a row. He knows how to get around here. He is right, we changed a lot of stuff last night because we didn’t think we were good enough to win. I thought we were better today. We led laps and it seemed like whoever was out front could hold their own. At the end we were racing the 5 and 54 who had been up front all day. We knew the 5 had to take four because he took two last time. I had a good view of the 54 and as soon as we say they were taking four and there were a bunch of guys coming that had taken two we called it off and took two and got out front. The guys did a good job.”

JOEY LOGANO CONTINUED – DID IT SURPRISE YOU THAT THE 54 WENT WITH FOUR TIRES? HOW MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE DID THAT MAKE? “I assumed we were coming for four and Jeremy asked me if I saw what the 5 car did last time down and I was like, ‘Yeah, and what do you want to do?’ He really didn’t make a call. I was sitting in the box not knowing if we were doing two or four. I figured I would wait until they say something. It ended up being the right call. We didn’t take two all day, so we didn’t know. I don’t think the 54 ever took two either, so I don’t know how they would know either. All we had to judge off was what Kasey (Kahne) did with the two tires before that.”

JEREMY BULLINS CONTINUED – WITH JOEY TALKING ABOUT BEING IN THE BOX NOT KNOWING IF IT WAS TWO OR FOUR, HOW LATE INTO THE PIT STOP DID YOU MAKE THAT DECISION? “They were dropping the jack on the right side so we had to let the jack man run around. Luckily for us there was still enough room for us to let the jack man come around the front of the car, leave pit road and still come out with the lead. It was late in the call but that is just the way it plays out. A lot of times you have to make a split decision like that.”

JEREMY BULLINS CONTINUED – SO YOU SAW THE 54 GO FOR FOUR AND YOU SAW OTHER CARS COMING AND JUST CHANGED IT ON THE FLY? “Yeah, that was the only thing I was watching. I was watching to see what they did and saw a bunch of cars coming that had taken two so we knew we would have a cushion and opted for two tires at the last minute.”

JOEY LOGANO CONTINUED – YOU HAVE BEEN REALLY GOOD AT THIS TRACK SINCE YOUR DEBUT BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BEAT KYLE BUSCH WHO HAS BEEN SO GOOD HERE AND EVERYWHERE HE GOES? “It feels good, especially this year when he has been winning everything. To finally beat that 54 car, that was the team I worked with for the last seven years or so since my Nationwide debut really. To beat them means a lot to me after they have been winning so much this year. I wanted to beat them really bad and to get here in victory lane you have to beat everyone but they had a strong car again today but my man Jeremy made the right call for us.”

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