Lap by Lap: WinStar World Casino 400 won by Jeb Burton

After grabbing the lead on a late race restart, Jeb Burton would hold Ty Dillon off for his first ever Camping World Truck Series victory.


Green flag. Johnny Sauter pulls ahead of Ty Dillon into turn one.

American Muscle

Lap 3 Sauter leads Dillon Blaney Burton Paludo Gaughan Peters Crafton Chastain Quiroga

Lap 5 Paludo passes Burton; Chastain passes Crafton

Lap 6 Gaughan passes Burton

Lap 10 Sauter leads Dillon Blaney Paludo Gaughan Burton Peters Chastain Crafton Quiroga

Lap 12 Dillon takes the lead from Sauter for the lead after some slight contact

Lap 13 Blaney passes Sauter for second

Lap 15 Gaughan passes Sauter for third

Lap 25 Dillon leads Blaney Gaughan Sauter Paludo Burton Chastain Peters Crafton Coulter

Lap 31 Quiroga passes Coulter back for 10th

Lap 37 Gaughan tries to make a pass on Blaney for second, but gets really sideways

Lap 39 Dillon leads Blaney Gaughan Sauter Paludo Burton Chastan Peters Quiroga Crafton

Lap 40 Gaughan passes Blaney for second

Caution Lap 42 Chad Hackenbracht wrecks on the backstretch. Tried to split Cobb and Dillon and gets loose and gets into the outside wall, followed by the inside wall. Blaney stalled on pit road. Ty Dillon wins the race off of pit road.

Restart lap 49 Dillon and Gaughan are side-by-side for the lead

Lap 51 Dillon clears Gaughan for the lead

Caution lap 54 Joey Coulter spins suddenly in the corner and backs into the wall. “It just freaking came around.” He added it felt like an axle broke or shock broke.

Restart lap 59 Gaughan Dillon are side-by-side for the lead

Lap 60 Dillon grabs the lead once again as Gaughan and Crafton are side-by-side for second

Lap 62 Dillon leads Gaughan Crafton Burton Hornaday Quiroga Buescher Sauter Paludo Peters

Lap 65 Hornaday passes Burton; Buescher passes Quiroga

Lap 67 Paludo passe Sauter

Lap 79 Dillon leads Gaughan Crafton Burton Buescher Hornaday Quiroga Paludo Sauter Peters…..Gaughan passes Dillon for the lead in turns three and four

Lap 91 Peters pits

Lap 95 Townley pits

Lap 97 Gaughan leads Dillon Burton Crafton Quiroga Buescher Hornaday Paludo Chastain Sauter

Lap 98 Dillon pits out of second

Lap 99 Gaughan pits from the lead, handing the lead to Burton. Wallace Jr. and Crafton also pit.

Lap 101 Burton and Buescher pit.

Lap 102 Sauter and Hornaday pit

Lap 103 Paludo pits

Lap 104 Blaney pits

Lap 106 David Starr to the lead as he can stay out there a little longer.

Lap 114 Starr pits, handing the lead back to Brendan Gaughan. Peters pits unscheduled with a tire going flat.

50 to go Gaughan leads Dillon Crafton Burton Quiroga Buescher Paludo Wallace Chastain Sauter

46 to go Burton passes Crafton for third

39 to go Gaughan leads Dillon Burton Crafton Quiroga Buescher Paludo Wallace Chastain Sauter

34 to go Dillon passes Gaughan for the lead down the backstretch

Lap 138 Caution as Chastain gets into the wall. Leaders head down pit road. Dillon leads Burton Crafton Gaughan Quiroga Buescher off pit road.

Restart 24 to go Burton pulls ahead of Dillon on the restart off of turn two

23 to go Burton leads Crafton Dilllon Wallace Buescher Quiroga Gaughan Hornaday Sauter Paludo

22 to go Quiroga and Gaughan pass Buescher

21 to go Gaughan passes Quiroga

19 to go Burton leads Crafton Dillon Wallace Gaughan Quiroga Hornaday Buescher Sauter Blaney….Gaughan passes Wallace for fourth

18 to go Dillon passes Crafton for second; Quiroga passes Wallace

17 to go Qurigoa passes Gaughan

16 to go Burton leads Dillon Crafton Quiroga Gaughan Wallace Hornaday Sauter Blaney Buescher

9 to go Sauter passes Hornaday

8 to go Blaney passes Hornaday

6 to go Buescher passes Hornaday

Jeb Burton wins his first race! Dillon Quiroga Crafton Gaughan Wallace Sauter Blaney Buescher Paludo

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