Ford Performance NASCAR: Logano Finishes Third in XFINITY Series Race at Charlotte

Ford Performance NSCS Notes and Quotes
Hisense 300 – Charlotte Motor Speedway
Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ford Finishing Order:
3rd – Joey Logano
11th – Jeb Burton
16th – Ryan Blaney
19th – Ryan Reed
27th – Darrell Wallace Jr.

JOEY LOGANO – No. 22 Discount Tire Ford Mustang – WHAT IS YOUR TAKEAWAY AFTER ALL OF THAT? “I thought it was kind of supposed to be like what the All-Star Race was with old tires and new tires, but the Discount Tire Ford was the fastest it’s been all year. We can’t hold our heads down about it. We had a car that was capable of winning if circumstances went right. I felt like I was gonna have a good restart next to Kyle. I felt my restarts were a little better than his all day, and I thought, ‘OK, if I can clear him,’ which we did I was like, ‘Alright, we’ve got a shot,’ but it was really hard to hold off those four tires. What a fun race. It got really exciting there at the end. I got passed on the top by Denny and then Kyle just kept ripping up top and had a big run into the corner, so it was fun to watch that. I was hoping they would get into each other and I would sneak one out, but, overall, I’m proud of what this team has done to get faster – both the 12 and the 22 got a lot faster here. We made good progress. There’s still a ways to go for sure, but we’re making forward momentum.”
American Muscle

TAKE US THROUGH THE END OF THIS ONE. “We definitely had some fun for sure. The Discount Tire Ford is definitely a lot faster than it’s been all year, so I’m proud of the effort that the guys have put into making our cars faster. We had a shot and that’s the first time we’ve had a shot to win with this car in a long time, so that felt good. We were sitting out there with 40-lap tires on and you’ve got a bunch of two tires and four tires behind you, and I knew I had to get a good start at least and get by Larson, and then hope for the best at that point. I was able to execute that plan and get out in front of Larson, and then the next thing you know here comes Denny Hamlin. He was coming like crazy and I went into three thinking I was gonna win the race, and by the time I came off of four he was all over me. I said, ‘Oh, boy. I may not win this one.’ But overall, we have to look at the silver lining today and say there was a big improvement. We didn’t win the race, but we made big improvements from where we were.”

DARRELL WALLACE JR. – No. 6 LoudMouth Exhaust Ford Mustang – “We didn’t have the car we wanted. We were just a little bit tight on the corner exit, but that restart stuff where we slowed down to come down pit road and they put us way back there got under my skin way too much. I let the emotions get the best of me. We were running OK up top and I felt like I got in fine and the next thing you know I was in the fence. It was my mistake and it’s just a bummer, especially today at home in front of family and friends.”

RYAN BLANEY – No. 12 Snap-on Ford Mustang – THE TIRE GOING DOWN PRETTY MUCH TOOK YOU OUT OF A CHANCE TO RACE FOR THE WIN. “We were probably gonna run third there and if we had that restart at the end who knows what could happen. It’s just unfortunate. We had a good car and ran third or fourth all race. I thought we were really good on the first run and drove up through the field and got some damage on the left side door on the first stop. We got run into and I thought that kind of hurt our car a little bit. We lost a little speed right there, but not a bad day for Greg Erwin gathering up a bunch of people and going to the race track. They did a good job and my pit crew did really good too, and I learned a lot of stuff for tomorrow.”

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