Canandaigua Car Dealers: What To Look For When Buying A New Car

After saving up for years for your dream car, now is the time for you to finally shop and transform your dream into a reality. Purchasing a car takes a lot of wise financial decisions.

In Canandaigua, there are numerous car dealers to choose from. Hence, it is helpful to make the most informed decision about your purchase. Here’s what you should consider when buying a new car.

  1. Freebies and discounts

When you are going to purchase a brand new car from a specific brand dealer in Canandaigua, check their website, like, before going to their office. On their website, you might find discount coupons, deals, or rebates. Car dealers often have different promos each season, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on these deals.

American Muscle

Apart from discounts, you should also check out for freebies, like the following:

  • Free car service for a year
  • Free car tinting or installation of a car alarm

2. Invoice price

The invoice price of a car refers to the price which car dealers are paying when they purchase the cars from the manufacturers. This is different from the standard retail price or SRP, as the SRP refers to how much they are selling their cars, including their markup.

Knowing about the invoice price of a car is helpful for you, if you want to maximize your discounts. As more often than not, car dealers will offer you a better deal, since they know that you are dead-set to have the best deal that you can.

3. Insurance

Before you make your final decision, set a meeting with your insurance agent. In this manner, you will know beforehand if what they are offering you is sufficient enough or not, with regards to your car insurance.

Remember that different cars also entail different prices of insurance premiums. However, this is something that you shouldn’t miss out on. Skipping out on any insurance payment or offer will never be worth the risk.

4. Overall quality of the car

Buying a brand new car takes a lot of time, patience and hard work. Do not rush your decision, as you might miss out on the tiny details that comprise the quality of the car. The best way for you to double check if it really is in a good condition, is to bring your own expert mechanic to test drive the car.

Apart from the mechanic, you, too, should test it out, to compare its current driving condition with your old car, which can help you decipher telltale signs of trouble early on.

5. Its specific features

Before you make your final decision about the car that you are going to buy, double check to see if its features will meet your specific needs as a buyer.

For example:

  • Do you prefer manual transmission cars or an automatic one?
  • Do you need a lot of storage compartment space at the back?
  • Do you need a wide seating space, to fit two children in car seats?
  • Do you need an entertainment system, or is it the one that you can forego over another model instead?

Your car will be like an extension of yourself or your family. Apart from your home, it is where you will be spending a lot of time also. Hence, it is essential that you’ll feel comfortable in your car, and that it truly meets your needs.

For example, it will be a costly mistake for you to buy a crossover-type of vehicle since it doesn’t meet your needs as a family of four, as you will need more space to fit your kids’ belongings.

6. Complete paperwork

Never make the mistake of taking your car home, without completing all its necessary paperwork. Make sure that all the paperwork are complete, so you won’t fall into the trap and find out later that your sale might have been invalid, or that there are problems in the registration process because you missed out one important document.

Here are some of the documents that you should check:

  • Contract of undertaking with a car insurance company.
  • Deed of sale that may have to be notarized.
  • Contract of warranties and other guarantees.
  • Contract concerning the terms and conditions, or any waiver of liabilities.

When your car is complete with the necessary paperwork, it means that you have complied with all the legal requirements concerning the purchase of your brand new car in Canandaigua.


The tips mentioned above can help you become more knowledgeable when looking for a new car. Along with that, these can also help you filter the best option. Your car will always be one of your most expensive assets, so you have to make sure that you’ll purchase a car that suits your needs, and is within your budget.

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