CarX Drift Racing 2

That was great news! The popular car racing game, CarX Drift Racing comes back to Play Store with its brand-new sequel. Named CarX Drift Racing 2, it featured as one of the most awaited game sequels of 2019. This one has already reached over 50 million downloads, becoming an instant hit. But what has improved in this new version of the game?

Tandem Drifting

An incredible element to look forward to is the new game mod that helps Tandem Drifting. You will be racing twice, once as the leader of the drift and the second time as a follower. For the first time ever in the history of video racing games, the CarX XDS Evaluation System has been introduced. This software bases itself on the professional evaluation system used in real-life drift competitions.
American Muscle

The XDS mode also allows players to practice different tandem drifting. You can quickly swap cards, experiment tire pressure effects on drifting and different driving trajectories.

A Realistic Racing Feeling On Mobile!

CarX Drift Racing 2 comes with an improved steering control! It involves quick side changing. Plus, the makers included tire pressure physics on the game. According to CarX Technologies, they ran a few filed tests with real drift cars to analyse and collect telemetric data! These have been used to improve the realistic behaviour of the game!

Plus, the sequel worked on physics when it comes to the car controls on different surfaces. Experience angles, performances and more changes when drifting on snow, sand, asphalt or grass!

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Another Level Of Multiplayer Rounds!

This time, compete against other real players in online championships. You may connect yourself to servers that allow multiplayer matchmaking in a region of countries. Plus, leagues are made available where you get to take the first place to participate in the tournaments. Race in tandems and you will get access to a collection of premium vehicles. Time to show them off to your friends!

Prefer Single Player?

What if someone prefers single player? Aren’t there any changes for that? Certainly, there are! Whenever you play race cups and win, you get to earn play cash to purchase add-ons for your cars! Single players get access to over 30 sports cars and a bunch of new tracks to play! To polish your drifting and racing skills, the Ghost mode is here! Run this mode exclusively designed for single players to increase their mastery of drifting!


CarX Drift Racing 2 comes with loads of improvements that bring a new level of realism to gaming. Plus, it offers an experience as if you’re driving real sports cars. All earned play-cash, purchased cards and tracks that are available on your profile remain saved. So, you can connect via another device and still play for your account progress!

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