Ross Chastain And Niece Motorsports Lose Appeal

On Sunday what would have appeared to be a big win for Chastain and the No. 44 Niece Motorsports team, who won every stage and led a dominating 141 of the scheduled 200 laps, Chastain’s truck was found too low following post-race inspection, thus his win was taken away along with the $50,000 courtesy of The Triple Truck Challenge.

After the decision was made by NASCAR officials, Chastain and his team had until noon eastern to appeal the penalty. Thus, Niece Motorsports chose to appeal the penalty.

Al Niece stated this on Sunday following the post race failure inspection.
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“Our Niece Motorsports team works hard to ensure that our race trucks are within the confines of NASCAR’s rules,” Niece said. “Both of our Chevrolets passed opening and pre-race inspections. We believe that the No. 44 Truck sustained minor damage during the event, which left the truck too low following the race. We will appeal NASCAR’s decision. Regardless of the outcome, this team will be prepared to go to Gateway and win again.”

With that said, the penalty appeal hearing was held on Wednesday morning and a decision was made early afternoon. Despite all efforts by Chastain and Al Niece, they lost the appeal, therefore will not be able to get the win back and will receive a last-place finish along with five points.

“Although our team disagrees with the decision, we have exhausted our options for recourse and must move on,” Al Niece (Team Owner) added following the appeal hearing. “Our sights will remain set on the obstacle in front of us which is making the playoffs. I firmly believe that Ross and this Niece Motorsports team are capable of rising to the challenge, no matter what gets in our way.”

Cody Efaw, General Manager of Niece Motorsports also added to the statement.

“I’m proud to work with every single member of this Niece Motorsports team,” Efaw said. “This team is all heart- we aren’t going to let anyone or anything get in our way. We have one goal. We’re incredibly thankful to our owner who continues to believe in us and invest in this team. We are looking forward to Gateway.”

Chastain also chimed in on the statement and gave his side.

“It’s actually very simple- Sunday is in the past,” Chastain added. “I’m focused on getting to Gateway and putting this Niece Motorsports Truck in Victory Lane for the third time this year.”

Up until the post race failure at Iowa this past Sunday, Chastain and his No. 44 Niece Motorsports team had finished inside the top-10 in every race dating back to the season opener at Daytona.

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