Matt DiBenedetto – No. 95 Procore Toyota Camry – New Hampshire Preview

Foxwoods Casino Resort 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

No. 95 Procore Toyota Camry Notes:

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·       DIBENEDETTO BY THE NUMBERS: In seven Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series career starts at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Matt DiBenedetto has an average start of 27.0 and an average finish of 30.4.  He’s completed 2,082 of 2,104 (99.0 percent) career laps at “The Magic Mile.”

·       RACE INFO: The Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (1.058-mile) begins at 3:00 p.m. ET on Sunday, July 21st. The race will be broadcast live on NBCSN, Sirius XM Channel 90 and PRN Radio.

DiBenedetto’s Career Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Stats at Loudon:
Date                Event                                                  S          F         Laps               Status
07/19/15          5-Hour Energy 301                             35        35       296/301           Running
09/27/15          Sylvania 300                                       35        30       297/300           Running
07/17/16          New Hampshire 301                           16        31       299/301           Running
09/25/16          Bad Boy Off Road 300                        33        28       298/300           Running
07/16/17          Overton’s 301                                     16        30        299/301           Running
09/24/17          ISM Connect 300                                26        31       295/300           Running
07/22/18          Foxwoods Resort Casino 301            28        28        298/301           Running

DiBenedetto’s Career Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Stats at Loudon:
Races        Wins     Top 5s      Top 10s       Poles
Cumulative         7                0             0                0                0

DiBenedetto’s 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Season Stats:
Starts         Wins        Top-5’s     Top-10’s       Poles          Laps Led            Avg. Start       Avg. Finish
19               0                 1                 2                 0                   50                       22.6                 22.2

DiBenedetto’s Career Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Stats:

Starts         Wins        Top-5’s     Top-10’s         Poles        Laps Led            Avg. Start       Avg. Finish
159                0                  1                6                   0                 73                       30.1                 28.1

From the Driver’s Seat:

Matt DiBenedetto: “New Hampshire is one of my favorite tracks on the circuit because it’s a short track and those seem to be where we have been running the best at lately.  Loudon I think would be closest to Phoenix in my comparison since they’re both flat short tracks.  I thought that we had a good Camry at Phoenix earlier this year and we’ve of course had more of the season since then to work on things.  This weekend will still be hard to pass, and track position will be even more important than some of the other tracks we visit.  Qualifying well at New Hampshire is really important, so teams will put a lot of emphasis on getting set for that session.  If you can start further up front in the field, it just seems to set-up your whole race from there.  Now that we’re back to single-car qualifying it’s more fun because the pressure is on you to get a good clean fast lap.  For qualifying this weekend we’ll really be wheeling it and trying to lay a strong lap down.  In the race, the track is really flat and we’ll be relying on the grip that we have, so if you get stuck back further in traffic, it’s tougher to pass this year.  PJ1 will be applied this weekend to several grooves of the track and I anticipate us running that third groove since that was the lane most ran last year.  We should have the bottom lane as an option even though it’s flat down there, but the PJ1 should assist.  You need to have lane choices this year with this package in order to find clean air.  Last year, you could follow more in people’s tire tracks, but this year you can’t.  The PJ1 at Kentucky last weekend helped a bit, but we still need to be able to get into clean air somehow.  You have to be consistent all day at Loudon.  You can’t have mistakes that force you to fall back to the tail-end of the line because that can affect your entire race if that happens now, where it didn’t use to.  You have to execute from start to finish, you have to qualify well, you have to have a smooth day, you have to be aggressive and get everything that you can on restarts and all of it just compounds more at New Hampshire it seems.”

From the Pit Box:

Mike Wheeler: “Loudon this weekend sounds be similar to the short track package that we had at Richmond and Phoenix, but we have a new tire for it this year, and on top of that change they’re laying PJ1 in some of the lanes around the track.  Last weekend in Kentucky, the PJ1 on the track showed some promise.  When they have used PJ1 in the past at Loudon it did help the bottom groove to come in, and instead of it being a single lane racetrack, it developed multiple grooves.  The PJ1 never makes all the lanes even, but it does allow for more opportunities to run different lanes.  Loudon can be ever-changing during the course of a race depending how many guys are on it and how hot it is, along with the tire, but definitely can allow you to use different grooves to get around guys.  One of the biggest challenges of Loudon is that it’s a flat track so the cars are very prone to rolling over and having bad platforms.  The bumps into Turn 3 are fairly pronounced, so as much as you want to run fairly stiff for platform control, once you do that the bumps are so bad that it can jostle the car pretty heavily.  There is a challenge of trying to get the ride quality right for the bumps in Turn 3 as well as controlling the platform through mid-corner and exit.  Every year in New Hampshire with the winters that come and go the track always ages a little more so things always get a little worse due to that aging.  We’ll still be using a ton of brake at Loudon since it is a short track.  While the mid-corner speeds might be slightly higher there than last year, we’ll still be using quite a bit of brake on entry which is where the bumps are at.  One of the top-three challenges you face there is making sure you can race well over the bumps without having issues.  Our game plan for this weekend is that we’ll look to unload in qualifying trim and then switch to race trim on Saturday.  Usually by the end of Happy Hour we have a pretty good idea of what to expect for the race.”

No. 95 Procore Toyota Camry Team:
Driver: Matt DiBenedetto                   Crew Chief: Mike Wheeler
Car Chief: Greg Emmer                     Spotter: Doug Campbell
Engineer: J.R. Houston                     Engineer: Etienne Cliche
Mechanic: Bill Mares                         Mechanic: Matt Kimball
Shock Specialist: Sean Studer         Mechanic: Zach Marquardt
Tire Specialist: Tony Ramirez          Jackman: Charles Thacker
Fueler: Brian Eastland                       Rear Changer: Dakota Ratcliff
Front Changer: Adam Hartman        Tire Carrier: Chris Hall
Hauler Driver: Damon Lopez

About Procore Technologies:

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