Breaking Down The Consumers Energy 400 Race

Are you a fan of NASCAR? If the answer is yes, there is a good chance that you were glued to your television yesterday. After all, you couldn’t let yourself miss the Consumers Energy 400. This is one of the most exciting races of the season and it was intense this time. Remember that the race was a part of the Monster Energy Series. It took place on Sunday at 3 PM. The race was held at the Michigan International Speedway. Below, you’re going to learn all about this race, its outcome, and the biggest winners.

Kevin Harvick

First and foremost, you’ll want to know who won the race. Well, you should look no further than Kevin Harvick in the number 4 car. This isn’t surprising. After all, Harvick won the race last year too. Just remember that the season has already seen 20 races. This is the first win for Harvick this season. He led 22 laps before finally passing the finish line in first place. Denny Hamlin came in second after leading 6 laps. Kyle Larson came in third after leading 0 laps.

American Muscle

Kevin Harvick will take hone 45 points for his win. The win for Harvick is his third at Michigan. It is also his 47th Cup Series win during his career. So, what helped him overcome the competition? Well, much of it had to do with Harvick’s fuel strategy.

The Fuel Strategy

So, what propelled Harvick to victory? What gave him the slight edge over rival Hamlin? As mentioned above, much of it had to do with fuel. Harvick was very wise to conserve his fuel until the end of the race. This is something that Denny Hamlin did not do. Instead, Hamlin was forced to let off the throttle a little bit in the last laps to save fuel. Harvick wasn’t obligated to do so. In return, he managed to win the race. With that being said, it is easy to see that NASCAR racing has a lot of strategy behind it. This is similar to the games that can be found at Casino Guru.

One has to think about their choices before putting the pedal to the floor.

Brad Keselowski

It would be impossible to talk about this race without mentioning Brad Keselowski. After all, Brad managed to lead the race for 66 laps! He was doing great until the very end of the race. At that point, ht was forced to begin conserving fuel. Initially, it looked like Brad would be able to finish in the top five. That did not happen. Instead, he had to pit with just 11 laps remaining to get fuel. In return, Brad was passed by almost everyone. In the end, he came in at 19th. That just isn’t good enough. Still, Brad and his team did a great job pushing the pace and staying out in front of the pack.

Johnson And Bowyer

While you’re at it, you should take a glance at Clint Bowyer and Jimmie Johnson. After all, the two racers are stuck in the playoff bubble. They needed a good performance and both of them failing to get it. Sadly, both men will need to do a lot more to rank higher before the season draws to a close. Jimmie ran into trouble early on. He was forced to make a pit stop during lap 15. After that, he was never able to come back. He ended up finishing the race in the 34th spot.

Things were worse for Boyer. On lap 139, Bowyer was doing well. He was in 14th place at the time. However, he hit a wall pretty hard and that spelled doom. Bowyer ended up finishing in the 37th place. At this point, Bowyer is holding onto the playoff spot. However, Johnson is still on the outside. He remains in the 18th spot and could lose out.

What Is Next?

There is still plenty of racing ahead. For instance, you’ll definitely want to watch the next race on Saturday. The Cup Series will be hosting a race at the Bristol Motor Speedway. Races at this track are always very exciting. It will also be interesting to see if Johnson is able to climb the ladder and reclaim a playoff position.

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