Best Formula One Cars

Cars are part of our lifestyle; they have been with us since 1886. Karl Benz created these automobiles with the main goal on his mind – to help the people travel to different places. And as time passes by, these cars also evolved from being a three-wheeled vintage automobile to a high powered modernized sports car.

Thankfully, because of our improving technology these cars were enhanced to have better convenience and to suit the people’s needs. Cars today have engines that could last for longer drives, rooms that could fit eight passengers and wheels that could take on any terrain.

And since these things have been on the road for hundreds of years, some of us learned to love and appreciate them like Some people love cars so much that they are willing to spend thousands of money just to enhance it. Most of them would use their cars for entertainment and display purposes.

American Muscle

And to keep their vehicles looking fresh they usually use indoor car covers for the best protection.

Auto shows are being held around the world just to exhibit extraordinary cars owned by car collectors. There are car races known across the country just to gamble which car is the best.

Formula One is just an example of famous car races in the whole world. The said event is the highest class of competition for single-seater cars. It has been racing various brands of cars since 1950. This was owned by the Formula One Group and was sanctioned by the FĂ©dĂ©ration Internationale de l’Automobile.

And if you happen to be a fan of Formula One, then let’s recall some of the most iconic cars that have ever raced on its tracks.

McLaren MP4/4

This car is said to be the most successful design of all time. Created by Steve Nichols, an American engineer, this car was based on the Brabham BT55. It has a predecessor of McLaren MP4/3. Powered by Honda, this has won many races and has dominated the season during 1988. Experts have claimed that this car holds the most number of winnings in a single season car race with a percentage of 93.8%.  

Benetton B195

Benetton B195 is one of the most memorable cars in the race. Because during that time the team Benetton won its first and only Constructors’ Championship. Honestly, a lot of comments were given to this car even before it was placed on the track. This is because the car was poorly designed and it was not properly balanced. Accidents and crashes did happen but the team continued until they finally claim their victory.

Ferrari F2001

Constructed by one of the famous sports car manufacturer, Ferrari, this car has carved its name throughout Formula One’s history. Although this was immediately replaced by F2002 because of some miscalculations on its design, this car still achieved a lot of victories in its lifespan.

Red Bull RB7

One of the latest cars on the list, Red Bull RB7 was manufactured by Red bull. It has joined the 2011 Formula One Season. It has winnings for not more than 12 races and has claimed some pole positions during the season.  

Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid

One of the youngest and iconic cars in the race, this Mercedes Hybrid have competed the 2016 FIA Formula One World. It was said to be the second most dominating cars in Formula One. With a total wins of 19, pole positions of 20, and 765 points in the constructors’ championship, this has a winning percentage of 90.47%, just next to the McLaren MP4/4.   

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