Take Your Formula One Thrills To the Next Level; Top 5 Simple Betting Markets

Formula one, widely known as F1, is one of the most popular motorsports in the world. Watching the high-speed automobiles battle in the races is usually an exciting thrill, no wonder F1 boasts of millions of fans globally. When you think of high-tech automobiles battling in high-intense races, you can hardly go without mentioning F1, to top it all; fans do more than enjoy the thrills as they also participate by wagering on their favorite drivers.

With the ever-evolving technology, you can now take your betting wherever you go. The mobile-friendly idn poker sites, coupled with the readily available mobile apps, make the betting not only accessible but convenient. It means that you no longer have to miss out on your fun as you are held up in the office or you are on vacation.

As you join the single-seat auto racing betting world, however, you should know the basics. Don’t rely on pure luck as it is not sustainable in the long-run. With the basics, you can strategically plan your wagering approach, pick a suitable bankroll, and wager on promising markets for maximum profitability. Here is a look at some of the most straightforward markets Formula One punter can take advantage of and make a promising winning run.

American Muscle

Race winner

Race winner is the most straightforward market any punter can conveniently wager on. It involves picking the driver to win a particular race. Before a race begins, you can see the odds based on the favorites and the underdogs. You could also live bet during the race by picking the favorite driver who seems to dominate the race.

Fastest lap

In this market, you wager on a driver who, in a race, will complete a lap the quickest. The market is favorable since you don’t have to be concerned about the race’s outcomes but only a driver to take the least time completing a lap in the race.

Top 3

For this market, you wager on three drivers who will take the podium at the end of a race. The top 3 market wins regardless of the sequence as long as your three picks make it to the top three.

Constructors’ championship winner

For this market, you pick a favorite team to win the championship. Wagering on the top team to win the championship is a favorable bet since in F1, the favorites take the day for most races, giving punters a chance to score some wins comfortably. The best part is, with the dynamic odds available throughout the season, you can place you wager at any time of the year giving you a chance to pick the most certain team to win.

Drivers’ championship winner

The market is a little similar to the constructors’ championship winner, the only difference being that instead of wagering on a team to win, you pick the driver to win the championship. The easiest way to enhance your winning chances is by picking the most favorable driver with the best car. However, although you are more likely to score a win, their odds will always be lower compared to other drivers.

You no longer have to limit your F1 thrills to your TV; as you follow the excitement, you can make it even better by visiting idn poker site and wagering on your favorite driver or team.

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