Favorite Car Accessories In Australia

Australia is a massive land full of intrigue, wonder, and the unexplored. There are regions in the land of Oz which have known so little of man, the creatures hop right up to you and say hello. It’s no wonder so many like to travel to the outback and go on walkabout.

Following we’ll explore popular must-have accessories for your car in Australia. You need not have a two-ton pickup that sits eight feet off the ground to enjoy the wilderness of Oz. A few simple augmentations on your existing vehicle, and you can explore almost with impunity.

Granted, a vehicle with a low profile is more likely to get high-centered. Certainly, there are some roads only a big truck is going to be suited to. But if you properly accessorize your Subaru, there’s still a great deal of traveling you can do.

American Muscle

The Towbar
With a towbar you can pull another vehicle behind you, a trailer with an ATV or motorcycle, an RV of some variety, a storage trunk, and much more. Additionally, what you spend in terms of installation will likely be recouped in terms of expanded utility.

Plus, you can help pull your friends from a ditch if you need to—or even get pulled out yourself with greater ease. Altogether, the cost of towing your own belongings in a trailer is usually less costly than paying someone else to do the job, or a tow truck in an emergency. If you’re looking for towbars, you can check them out here.

Angelic Tire Inflation
As of 2014, there developed a new innovation in vehicular accessories: self-inflating tires, on the “Halo” system. Essentially, there are pumps installed on tires which are hooked up to sensors that detect whether or not oxygen pressure is at a proper threshold on your tires. Should it be lower than it’s supposed to be, the Halo system automatically inflates your tires.

This is something especially considerable in terms of outback exploration. What if you hit a rock and lose a tire? Having a Halo system onboard can help you get to the next way-station. While it’s always good to have a spare, if you don’t, in a pinch, Halo options can keep you going.

Opening Up Cargo Space Internally
The Thule Motion XT XXL Rooftop Cargo add-on allows you to essentially mount as much space as a traditional trunk right on your roof. You can store belongings, tents, sleeping bags, surf boards, or whatever suits you for the journey. This allows you to free up the inside of your vehicle, and maximize storage capacity.

If you’ve got some sort of rooftop cargo array and a towbar, you can maximize your hauling capacity. You could have six people in the vehicle with their belongings stored on top, and a full-size RV towed behind you for a weekend on a lake or near the sea.

The more cargo storage capacity you have, the more you can maximize all kinds of road trips throughout Oz. On that note, mounting a bicycle rack on your roof makes a lot of sense in terms of accessorizing as well, if you don’t already have one.

Maximizing Your Ride
There are many other accessories you can upgrade your car, truck, van, or SUV with. Ultimately, the best options are going to differ per person. However, going the towbar route, having inflatable tires, and adding rooftop storage represent several affordable and quite useful options worth considering.

Australia is big, wide, and relatively low in population, allowing for a maximum in potential exploration potential. Get out there and see what there is to see in the diverse landscapes down under. The more flexible your vehicle, the more adventures you can have.

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