Is it profitable to trust bookmakers?

Bookmakers’ tips have been published on many websites of legal bookmaker offices after the legalization of internet betting. Also, companies like often share their opinions in official communities on social networks, mainly on football matches.

Do you trust the advice of bookmakers?

The bookmaker’s income consists of the turnover of funds. If the quotes for the events are correct, the bookmaker does not care what you make a bet on.

If the company has a wide audience, the opinions of the players will be different. Some will bet on the hosts and others on the guests. Someone will play the top total, and someone — the bottom. BM will earn due to the margin, especially in the distance, and no matter how the match ends up.

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The task of the bookmaker is to attract bettors who will ensure the turnover of their transactions. For this purpose, various methods are used in the form of forecasts and tips. They sign convincingly, usually for top games, for example, Real Madrid – Barcelona.

Such matches are unpredictable. The total score is difficult to predict. Due to the fact that half will believe the forecast and make a bet, and the other half will bet on the opposite outcome, the bookmaker will benefit from it in any case. Therefore, such recommendations should be treated with caution.

Advice from experienced book-makers

It is better to use the tips of professional players who are not aimed at capitalizing on your bet. Experienced bookmakers, uninterested in your failures, are really avid to help.

1. Do not be guided by the quotations of the firms. Odds do not always correspond to the real probability, so do not get caught in the network of bookmakers. Rely on your own knowledge and experience.

2. Try to analyze events in advance to make bets before the odds have sunk. Usually, they are reduced on the favorite and increased on the underdog. Therefore, make a forecast early, and decide on the rate depending on the outcome and movement of quotations.

3. Think over the matches with a clear mind. Don’t make predictions when you’re tired or your mind is dwelling on something else. Any stimulus clouds the mind, which affects the quality of the analysis. If the day was bad, refrain from playing so that you’ll save money.

4. Do not bet on the matches of your favorite teams and athletes. Few people can assess the strength of rivals against the favorite concisely. It is unlikely that a Manchester United fan might suggest the idea that his favorites are weaker than Manchester City or Liverpool.

5. It is important not to earn sporadically and regularly make a profit. A successive income is better than an immediate one. The main thing is the result of the selected segment (decade, month, etc.), not the game day.

6. Always follow the selected strategies for bets. If you bet no more than 3% of the Bank, do not violate the rules of the system.

7. And finally, never forget that life is not just about betting. Do not obsess over betting, spend time with family, and love the dearest people to you. Excessive excitement can take up and will have to be treated for ludomania.

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