How to Keep Your Dog Safe in a Car

According to the survey issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the year 2009, about 6,000 people lost their lives, and 450,000 road users sustain an injury in vehicle accidents caused by pets distracted drivers. Many people have claimed that they love to play or have their pets in their lap when driving. Driving a car without keeping your dog safe is highly risky because the unrestrained dog can distract you when driving. To prevent both pet and human lives lost, you should keep your dog safe with the following suggested methods of restricting a dog in care.

1)  Fit Car Seat for the Dog

Car seats are available in different shapes, sizes, and types for dogs. It can be installed safely in any car back seat. It will keep your dog firm and comfy. Once you finish packing your luggage, you can secure your dog’s life by restricting it to the back seat of your car. Research widely to get the best dog car seats in the market at an affordable price. You can check out various best car seats that can suit both your car and your dog. This is one of the best ways to secure both your life and your dog’s life.

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2)  Install a Dog Harness Seat Belt

The seat belt will secure your dog to a position. If your dog is well behaved, that is, if the dog cannot chew the strap while on the trip, you can secure your dog perfectly into a position with the strap that can be plugged into the belt. Pass the dog seat belt through the car seat belt and place the dogs in. After you might have put the dog in it, fit the silver clasp to the harness. Finally adjust the seat belt till the dog is comfy and secure.

3)  Cargo-Area Barriers

If you have either a truck or station wagon, you should transport your dogs using the cargo area barriers. You can secure yourself with the adjustable metal bars that separate the cargo area from the passengers’ zone. You will find these barriers very effective to prevent your dogs from getting to the passengers’ zone. This is only good for short trips because some stubborn dogs might get lost. You can transport more than five dogs with this method.

4)  Hard Crates

An effective way of keeping your dog safe is by using a hard crate. The hard crates are as useful as the harness. Whenever you want to decide which crate will be perfect for your dog, you should choose a crate that is not more than five inches longer than your dog. You can place the dog in the crate and put the crate on your back seat or boot of your truck. This will prevent injury to such a dog during an accident. Hard crates can protect your dogs from shocks and injuries during an accident. Nevertheless, hard crates can cost you up to $700. If you decide to buy the cheap ones, it will save your money but not your dog’s life. Finally, you can secure your dogs with one of our cheap available best car seats for your dogs.

5)  Fit a Dog Guard in the Boot

It is a great way to secure your dog to your trunk boot. This will prevent your dog from being thrown forward whenever the brake is applied suddenly or during an accident. The guard is held to a position by fitting it to both the roof and floor of your trunk boot. Buy a dog guard that suits your car and dog. Bolt it down to the back seat of your car.

6)  Buy a Plush Carry Box

If your dog is small, you can consider this great method for keeping your dog safe. Your dog can have a great view of both its owner and its environment. A plush carry box comes with a harness. Once you have placed your dog properly to the harness. Then put the harness into the carry box. Finally, place the carry box on the rear seat of your car.

7)  Use a Back Seat Hammock

Keep your dog into the back seat of your car with the hammock. The hammock will prevent the dog from getting to the front. To use this hammock, you have to place the dog on the back seat. Then fit the anchors to the seat and attach the fasteners to the front headrests. Keeping your dog safe in a car does not only save both your life and your dog’s life but also makes your journey comfy.

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