What you need to know about fixed gear bikes

Fixed gear bikes popularly known as fixies are a type of bike where the pedal moves as the rear wheel moves. Essentially, the bike does not allow coasting since the pedals and the rear wheel run concurrently. These bikes are often ideal for riding in urban areas. Despite their challenge in coasting, many people would prefer them to freewheel and single speed bikes for their numerous advantages.

1.Less weight. Fixies tend to weigh less than other bikes as a result of the limited number of parts. Ideally, they do not have as many levers and cranksets that weigh down other models. In comparison to geared bikes, they are a lot much easier to move around with, especially in urban settings. Additionally, the lesser the parts in the bike the cheaper it is to repair. The repairs are also much simpler; hence, the rider may perform maintenance and fitting without expert help.

2.Braking. These bikes have the advantage of additional braking since the rider may opt to resist the movement of the pedals. This movement could complement the braking system or even replace it entirely in the case of a failed braking system. These allow the rider to navigate obstacles with much ease. This benefit is highly regarded among stunt riders and extreme sports. The steady movement of the pedals also will enable riders, such as stunt riders, to control backward and forward movements with ease as well. Urban areas are also characterized by busy roads and numerous obstacles and the need for effective braking due to the density of traffic and many occasions of unexpected occurrences.

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3.Greater efficiency. Uniform movement between the pedals and the rear wheel ensures energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is through the application of equal pressure to the rear wheel as is on the pedals; thus, the rider has full control of the bike. In many situations, notably flatter areas, the rider is not using the gears placed on other models. Dependent on the kind of terrain the rider is exposed to, the rider does not require the gears on a bike. The apparatus also act as a distraction to the rider with so much to do while merely riding.

4.Numerous uses. Fixies are ideal tools for activities such as exercise and weight loss, which is effectively achieved through leg movement and pressure imposed and gaining torque. Less torque is also applied on the knees as well as faster acceleration with comparatively less effort. Additionally, the inability to coast on the bike makes sure that exercising riders do not lag or lax during their training period for better results.

5.Streamlining and skill. The nature of this bike allows for rides to employ various skills such as low-speed manoeuvring. Also, having fewer parts on the bike develops a well-streamlined design, which is ideal for racing at high speeds. The streamlining of the fixie also generates a unique aesthetic when riding.

The fixed gear bike is, therefore, a wise venture for urban areas riding, exercise riding, and also sport riding. It has numerous advantages that set it uniquely apart from other makes of bikes.

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