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Miscellaneous Car accidents: Busting the common myths surrounding collision repair

Car accidents: Busting the common myths surrounding collision repair


Car accidents may not be a new phenomenon, but when you have the first brush with it, you can feel confused and clueless. It can be an extremely stressful experience for you because you will need to make quick decisions about collision repair for your vehicle. Under such distressful circumstances, it’s reasonable to believe anything that anyone suggests. Sadly, taking advantage of such conditions, some people spread the myth that can affect your car repairing decisions big time.

However, as an owner of the car, you should be aware of what is right and what is not. Only then can you expect your vehicle to acquire its original shape and form. For your awareness, here are some popular myths that can mislead anyone easily. Let’s explore them one by one.

Myth – Follow the recommendation of your insurance carrier

You have the right to choose an auto body shop to your liking. Insurance companies may try to send you to a cheaper shop so that your car gets ready soon and incurs a very less amount of repairing costs. They do it despite being aware of the fact that you have every right to select your auto body shop. So, having this information is crucial so that you don’t get trapped. Anyway, they cannot object to your choice and have to cover the accident-related services.

Myth – Take your car to the dealer for accident repair

Another misleading thought is that only dealers can supply you with the original (OEM) parts; hence, you need to go there. But it is not the truth. There are many certified collision repair shops in Maryland. You can visit them for help. They have proper training and skills to fix any parts and bodies as per OEM standards. They use advanced technologies and tools to service a variety of makes and models so that you don’t have to leave empty-handed.

Myth – Get all the repairs covered by your insurance carrier

Many car owners think that insurance companies pay all the repairing costs related to a car accident. Take it with a pinch of salt. Every policy has specific terms and conditions. You need to read them with care, primarily if the agent has implemented some changes in the documents. If the damage happened due to your mistake, then you will be responsible for the deductibles. However, if it was someone else’s fault, then the insurer will cover your bills.

For a clear understanding, check the type of coverage you have. If it’s a collision cover, then the insurance carrier will pay your bills related to collision repairs. However, if you signed up for a liability only agreement, then the company will have to cover the expenses of the other vehicle that got damaged because of you. You wouldn’t get any compensation.

So, god forbid, if you ever get into any such situation where you have to send your car for collision repair, then keep these points in mind. This awareness can save you from making any wrong or uninformed choice. You will always be on your guard, and know what to do in such circumstances.
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