How do I measure my leg for motocross knee braces?

Any injury requires protection for it to heal fast. Knee braces are used to protect injuries around the knee. Nowadays, motocross braces are frequently recommended not only for injury but also for protection against injury. When you need a motocross knee brace, then it is advised that you choose what suits you best to get the desired results. Motocross knee braces come in various sizes since people have different knee sizes. For you to get your best fit, your knee measurements have to be taken accurately. For you to get accurate measurements, you need to have a precise tool, i.e. tape. You may also need another person to assist you. Motocross Knee braces should neither be too tight nor too loose. You should take the accurate measurements to get a motocross knee brace that will be super comfortable for you.

Position for taking knee measurements for motocross knee braces

Your leg should be extended when taking any knee measurement. Flexing the knee usually give smaller than the actual size. Most accurate measurements are taken while standing. This is because that is when your knee is almost fully extended without any straining. While standing, the knee is usually at an angle of about 30 degrees.

If you are not able to stand, maybe due to the injury/pain, then it is recommended that you lay/sit down and extend your knee as much as you can.

You may need assistance when measuring your leg for motocross knee braces.

It may be hard to get accurate results when you are taking the measurements on your own. Possibly, have a person to assist you. If you like professionalism, a physiotherapist is the person to go to (or to call in this case). Here, they have the necessary skill for they have been trained on this.

Taking the measurement

The most accurate tape to use is sewer tape. The tape is designed to take body measurements. It is flexible and soft.


If you do not have a sewer’s tape, you can use a string as it is also soft and flexible. The string is used along with any other tape as it is not graduated/marked.

The measurements to take include; knee circumference, width, and length required. The length may vary much depending on the point of injury.

Knee circumference

This is the distance around your knee. The reading should be done when the tape is wrapped around the knee through the center of the patella (knee cap) back to where it starts. Make sure that the tape is level and tight.

Knee width –the distance across the knee.

Measure how wide the knee is.

The length

You locate the center of the patella and take the desirable length both upwards (towards the thigh) and downwards (towards the shin). The two measures must not be equal, but for support there must be some length above and below the knee joint. You should ensure that the point of injury is identified first. This determinant of how far the distance should be measured. Mostly, a distance of about 15cm is taken above and below the point of injury. This is the point of focus!

When buying motocross knee brace, its size should correspond to the measurements taken. In case there is no corresponding size, i.e. falls between two motocross knee brace sizes, then take the adjacent larger size. This is because that is what can fit you better, especially if you have bigger thighs and calves. Never opt for smaller sizes as they cannot fit you! Worse, they may be too tight. This adds pressure to your injury point and causes pain. It also impairs the healing and recovery process.

Points to note in measuring motocross knee braces:

1. Should be taken when standing or when the knee is fully extended if you cannot stand.
2. It is hard to make the measurements yourself. You need assistance for accurate motocross knee braces measurements.
3. The tape must be soft and flexible. Measure when the tape is level to take accurate readings.
4. Record the size immediately after reading it.
5. The tape should be tight when taking the reading. It should be snugging comfortable and not too tight.
6. Always opt for the adjacent larger motocross knee braces if no size corresponds to the actual measurements.
7. Very tight motocross knee braces subject the injury to pressure hence causes/increase pain and slow down the healing process.
8. Motocross knee braces have been proved very effective in preventing and protecting knee injuries.

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