Benefits Of A Top Rated Powder Coating For Your Rims

Car enthusiasts are always on the hunt for new services for the betterment of their vehicles. In most cases, these are upgrades on the aesthetics of their cars, including improvement of the wheels through a process known as powder coating. Over time, the rims of the wheels naturally age. Rather than buying new, custom ones, powder coating is available as an option to make them look as good as new again.

Yes, there are other ways for you to improve the aesthetics of your rims, but you can make no mistake by choosing the powder coating Colorado Springs (if you’re from around that area) option. Here’s why:

1. Creates Higher Wheel Resistance
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Of all the parts of your car, the wheels are the ones that go through the most exposure to hazards as they constantly come into contact with outdoor factors, such as road debris. Over time, your car’s wheels will naturally corrode, flake, or chip. They’ll also go through a lot of scratches.

Through Colorado Springs powder coating, your wheels are given a surface shield, which is stronger and more resistant than the usual paints. With this layer of protection, your wheels have a higher resistance even to the most damaging environment.

2. Has Long Lifespan

Even after using your car for many years, the powder coating can still stay in good condition. When done by reputable companies, the powder coat can last for at least fifteen to twenty years. This makes it one of the most longer-lasting paints and coatings. Despite the cost, it turns out to be more worth it in the long run as compared with other options..

3. Makes Your Rims More Durable

Thin as it may be, the added layer provided by a powder coat also has the effect of making your rims more durable. After spraying the powder coat particles to your rims, the next process is having this layer exposed to baking at high heat. This is a curing process that results in adding a level of durability to your rims. With this, a thicker surface is created. As a direct effect, the overall longevity of your wheels’ rims also stretches..

4. Provides Total Coverage

In comparison with traditional painting, for instance, powder coating provides total coverage for your rims. No spot is missed, not even the tiniest detail that’s hard to reach through traditional painting. This is because, with powder coating, you’re working with microscopic particles that adhere well to metals. The electrostatic method makes the areas difficult to reach due to complicated designs easily accessible. Aesthetically speaking, the results are more pleasing as well.

5. Eco-friendly

You also need to make sure that every single upgrade undergone by your car must be environment-friendly. This is your responsibility not just to yourself and the society you belong to, but also to the future generations.

The whole powder coating process doesn’t emit any volatile organic compounds, unlike liquid coating or painting. These VOCs are very harmful to the ozone layer. Plus, with powder coating, you can easily recycle the excess powder coat.

6. Less Curing Time

In comparison with traditional paints, which usually takes hours, the curing time for powder coating is much lesser. In as fast as ten minutes after the procedure is completed, your powder coat is ready to hit the road. If you’re in a rush and you need your car back right away, this is undeniably a better option for you.

7. Applies Universally To Different Wheel Materials

Not all rims are created equally They are usually made of different materials. For instance, there are those that are made of aluminum, stainless steel, or steel. Apart from metals, you may also have rims that have a glass or fiberboard component. Interestingly, powder coating can be applied universally to these different types of materials. This also applies to highly specialized wheels, such as the Mustang’s, for example. You’ve only got to ensure that your powder coat goes through the appropriate heating process for it to work perfectly.

Conclusion Powder coating has been designed to stick better to the metal rims of the wheels. Through this, the surfaces create a hard cure. This enables you to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing look of your rims while also creating a durable surface. If you’re to make any aesthetic changes to your rims, it’s a good choice, therefore, it doesn’t hurt to give powder coating a try. Always remember, however, that in order to enjoy the maximum benefits of this specific modification, you have to ensure that you’re leaving the job in the hands of an expert. Contact one today.

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