5 Effortless Ways to Sell Your Old Used Car

No matter how much you love your old clunker, when it is time for an update, it is better to give it up and invest in a new machine.

Where on one hand it is quite hard to give up on a car that you love, on the other hand, it is equally important to do that for your convenience, safety, and advancement. So, if you’ve made up your mind and have decided to give up on your old car, we have got some help for you.

For everyone looking for options on how to sell a car, here are the 5 effortless and smart ways that will help you do so without much hassle. Let’s have a look:

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1) Exchange It For A New Car

This is one of the most convenient options available in car markets these days. Car companies come with this offer of exchanging your old car with a new one. Now, you might already be aware of this one but let us explain how it works.

All you have to do is bring your old used car to a dealer and get it valued. Whatever amount your old car is priced at will be deducted from the price of the new car you buy.

The value of your old car is decided on certain pre-determined factors by the dealer.

This is one of the quickest methods of getting rid of an old car and buying a new one, in exchange. The only downside of this method is the fact that in exchange offers, the exchange value of the old car is estimated way lesser than what an outside dealer would say. However, if you’re in a hurry to sell your car if you can’t wait to find the best dealer or buyer for it, and if you’re planning to buy a new car, go for the exchange method. You’ll be satisfied!  

2) Sell It To A Dealer

Of course, there are dealers outside of car companies that are always open to buying a car. However, their price valuation and estimation methods are a bit different from car companies but they also offer genuine price for your car.

The factors they look for include the year of your car’s manufacturing, the distance it has covered till date, the visible physical attributes, the condition of the car’s engine and other machinery under the hood, and more.

Once everything is scanned through, they offer a price for the car. You can accept or leave, as per your suitability. They also leave some room for negotiations, so you can shoot your shot right! When you’re selling to an outside dealer, it is not necessary for you to get a car in exchange. You can simply seal the deal for cash or get the money wired to you!

This is another easy and fast option to sell your car, provided you find a trustworthy dealer. Make sure you run a background check on the dealer before proceeding with the deal.

3) Sell It For Cash

There are car buyers out there that pay direct cash for old and used cars. These buyers are also easy to locate through the internet or by browsing through your local car markets.

Such buyers are actually businessmen dealing in cars or just individuals in a direct need of a vehicle. By contacting them, asking a few important questions, and giving them all the details about your car, you can sell the car at a decided price. Such a deal is done in person and there is room for negotiations. So, it is easy and convenient. Plus, you get cash on the spot and you need not worry about any fraud or delay in payments, as is the case in many other options.

4) Sell It In Your Social Circle

If you’re worried about getting into an unfavorable or unreasonable deal or if you’re not able to find a reliable buyer for your car, word-of-mouth is the best way to get the best buyer. If you’ve planned to sell your old ride, let the word out.

Talk to your relatives, family, friends, or colleagues. There might be someone interested in buying your car – at a reasonable price.

This is another great way to sell your car because first, you don’t have to worry about any fraudulent deal, and second, you don’t have to meet people you don’t know and inspect their background.

It is a convenient option with a great trust factor. All you have to do is find out who can be interested in buying your old car, in your social circle.

5) Sell It Online

Well, if you’re a tech-savvy – which almost all of us are these days – you can try another easy option of selling your car online. There are countless portals, websites, and networks that allow you to post ads about your car, meet potential buyers online, have a word with them, and then sell the car.

Such online marketplaces have all sorts of options for you to make your ad impressive and realistic. For instance, you can add all the details about your car, you can add pictures of your car, you can add extra features or other impressive information about the car, and you can add your personal information in the safest way possible.

They make provisions for the interested buyers to reach you, inquire about the car, and then fix a meeting about the same. If you think everything is okay and trustworthy – you can seal the deal!

So, these were all the top 5 methods to help you decide how to sell a car. Where some of these require efforts, the others are easy. Where some take time, others are fast. Where some are reliable, others possess some sort of risk. No matter what state your car is in, if it’s under finance or not, you should be able to find an option to sell it. However, you won’t be able to decide if you don’t analyze all of them first. Choose the one that suits you the best in all ways.

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