Tips To Simplify Your Travel

After putting so much weight in the suitcase, it is much harder to carry the suitcase to the airplane now because you have added unnecessary essentials to your bag. Have decided your destination but no idea where to start and which hotel to book? Is it hard to figure out how to hire a car at Perth airport? Have confusions and frustrations regarding food, travel, communication, etc.? Fret not this article is all about to simplify your complexities. Just do not let your cold feet step back from your road to a new journey and experiences.

Finally, summer has arrived and with it all the possibilities to travel far away. There are although certain scenarios that might make you nervous like; paying excess baggage fees, turbulence on the plane, running out of phone battery and even getting lost in an unfamiliar city. Do not worry! We have decided to give you some tips below that will make your trip more pleasant. But always remember to try and enjoy every moment!

Before Traveling

Learn basic phrases

You can resolve many things by talking and this is complicated when we are in a city where they speak another language. We can tell you from experience that it is best to search Google and write the phrases on your cell phone: “Hello, how are you?”, “Could you tell me how to get to my hotel?”, “Could you take me to my hotel?” “How much does this cost?” And “I would like to buy this.” They are all a bit tough to learn, but they will help you communicate better. However, along the way, you might meet someone who speaks your language.

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Buy the medicines you may need

Always be prepared with few over the counter meds for flu, headaches, stomach issues, etc. Carry other antibiotics, aspirin, bandages, cough drops, antihistamines, and all those things that may be hard to find during an emergency.

Always carry an external battery

You have to carry an external battery along. You must charge it fully at all costs. This accessory is one of the basics because it is very easy to carry in the bag and connect your cell phone whenever you want. Another good tip is to bring an adapter if the country you are going to has another type of plug point.

Choose three colors

There is a technique to pack your outfits that work for almost everyone. It is to base all the looks to sport in three colors to mix each piece and create several sets that you can use on different days or occasions. Choose the tones according to where you go. If you travel to a city, the combination of black, white, navy and red works super well. For a beach or outdoor vacation, always try to use white, orange or yellow tones. Ideally, pack things that do not take up much space and pay special attention not to carry extra shoes (even if you think you can use them). This is just a suggestion to pack light; it is not a hard and fast rule. It might vary from person to person according to his/her preferences.

Say goodbye to extra baggage fees

Everyone has paid an extra fee for extra weight once in his/her life. To avoid such hassle you can have a weighing scale at your home so that you pack accordingly and do not have to pay extra at the airport because you were not aware of the weight of your luggage. Verify that the bags do not exceed 23 kilos. We recommend you to keep a large bag with a zipper in case you cannot avoid shopping and come back with some new things in your suitcase. It is the best solution in case you have an emergency and need to accommodate the extra weight somewhere.

Download your maps before the travel:

Maybe you are planning to go to a place where you will not be able to connect to the Internet often. You can download Google Maps on your phone or tablet to use them offline at the time you need them. There can be unfortunate times when you lose track of time because you cannot remember the way back to your hotel.

Verify your confirmations

Typically, you arrive at a place where your reservation does not exist or you never paid for it. Confirming data, such as flight or hotel, is essential to avoid surprises.


Keep your mind busy

I believe a lot in the power of the mind and that our thoughts can help us improve or worsen any situation. Therefore, every time you travel and there is turbulence, distract yourself by either turning on your cell phone and start writing or reading. If that is not enough, then watch a movie or listen to music. The more you think of something, the more power you give it.

The validity of a passport is always important!

If you plan to travel abroad, it is worth remembering that even if the upcoming vacation is planned in a visa-free country, it is not enough to have a valid passport to enter. Its validity at the end of the journey varies by country.

Travel Insurance

You need to understand that travel insurance is not a luxury; it is a basic safety measure. Moreover, insurance is needed not only for visa countries; it also covers your expenses if the consulate refused to issue a visa.

Medical Insurance

The medical insurance that you buy with a ticket to the agency is quite inexpensive: a dollar and a half for one day of travel. It turns out that for the whole trip pay a maximum of fifteen dollars. But you will be sure that it will definitely help you if you become ill. A special policy that takes into account other extreme situations can also be purchased at an insurance company. The more risks it indicates, the more expensive it is.

Traveling with children

Now at all world resorts, they are ready to receive even the smallest tourists. But, if you are going on vacation with a child, it is important to remember the measures you must take on such a trip.


Choose the right hotel

One of the most important things when traveling abroad is choosing a hotel. For example, if you come across a room without an air conditioner, a vacation at the resort risks turning from pleasure into a test. Therefore, it is advisable to learn more about the hotel where you plan to stay.

Write your room number and hotel address on your phone

Among the excitements of running to explore new places, the least you think about is your room number or where the hotel is exactly. Make sure you have this data stored in a note in case you need it when you return to rest after an amazing day.

Don’t plan absolutely everything

I assure you that you are going to find a thousand places that you will want to know while you walk. Let it surprise you! Keep an open mind. Those unplanned moments while traveling can be the best. Don’t plan your entire itinerary!

Try to be flexible. Patience is extremely important when traveling. You cannot wait for everyone to want to go to the same place as you or have the same itinerary. Breathe and think before speaking. Try to understand your travel companions since they are as excited as you.


Patience is extremely important when you travel. Breathe and think before you speak and try to understand that not everyone has the same point of view as you.

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