Miscellaneous All the essential car financing details that you had no idea about

All the essential car financing details that you had no idea about


If you are looking for financing options for a new car then here are some tips that you should go through first. Car finance Sydney brings you all the options you need, from the latest models to the classic vintages. Read on to know more.

The credit score

The first and most vital step is to check the credit score. This is something you need to go through every time you apply for any loan. All the major credit bureaus offer a free credit score per year, so make sure that you have your detailed score and report before signing up for a new line of credit. Check your eligibility before you apply.

The pre-owned and new conundrum

No, we are not going discuss the specifics of the new vs. old car. This is more related to economics. Once you have decided after looking at the costs and according to your preference, there are a few differences regarding the loan terms for a pre-owned vehicle. Look for bank tie-ups with authorized dealers in case of pre-owned cars to avail various benefits.

The cost and the extras

Keep in mind that you can always negotiate on the price of a vehicle. Yes, even after the showroom gives you the sticker and the authorized price. Dealers are often willing to offer you discounts, and every bit counts if you are looking to make savings. So, do not be afraid to ask and bargain until you find the best deal. Ask about fittings and accessories that can be bundled in to make the deal a sweet one. Always be aware of the on-road tax and other fees that you are required to pay for the vehicle of your choice.

Choosing the lender

There is no shortage of lenders on the market today, especially when it comes to car financing options and loans. It all comes down to which offers you the best deal. The options include banks, third-party financing firms, as well as official financing arm/partner of the car manufacturer. So, read and review the offer documents before making your choice.

The loan terms

As stated above, it all comes down to which option offers you the best deal as far as car financing is concerned. You need to keep in mind that the value of the car starts depreciating the moment it is driven out of the showroom, so there are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind regarding the loan offers. Always check the following.

  • Loan eligibility
  • Financing percentage
  • Loan coverage
  • The type of interest and the rates
  • The tenure of the deal
  • Repayment options and foreclose penalties

The formalities

There are several formalities that you need to make sure as well, which includes the hypothecation formalities. Since you are financing your car, the registration will carry the name of the lender which gives the financial institution to seize your vehicle in the case you are unable to make the payments. However, once the loan is paid up the lender will issue a certificate which can be used to remove the hypothecation.

Also, make sure to check the processing fees, pre-payment charges along with partial payments while negotiating your car finance deal.

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