Fastest Electric Bikes

Electric bikes weren’t really built for speed, they are more an everyday motorized tool that allow you to get from point A to B with less effort. Their popularity even prompted many companies to release some of the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars.

But take note that not all of them are meant for speedy rides. We’re not even sure if going past 15 mph is even safe on such a vehicle. However, if the lower-speed bikes do not satisfy your inner speed demon, maybe some of these will.

  1. Stealth Electric Bike H-52

The top speed of this beast hits the 50 mph (80km)! That’s as fast as a car! A single charge can get you as far as 60km and go up to the top speed in a matter of seconds. Those who want a slower-paced vehicle can opt for the 25km/h limit, just adjust the settings to suit your inner daredevil.

American Muscle

The design is sleek and kind of resembles a dirt bike, you get the soundless motor in the city that still gives you the rush of excitement.

  • HPC Scout Pro Electric Bicycle (3 kW)

The Bafang Ultra-Max mid-drive motor is responsible for catapulting this bicycle (and you) to impressive top speed of 45 mph. Of course, there are also slower models available if that’s what you’re looking for.

Don’t let the modest exterior of this speed demon fool you. With a robust aluminum frame and lightweight of only 49 lbs (22.5 kg), it’s no wonder you are able to travel at these speeds. Thumping and bumping your way down the streets can’t be kind to your behind, but the suspension system on this e-bike has got you covered.

  • Luna Cycle Apex

One of the best parts about buying an electric bike is the customization. A lot of manufacturers allow you to make your own adjustments. For the Luna Apex cycle (with the proper customization) you can reach amazing speeds of 35 mph.

Granted, it is slower than the other options, but it’s still pretty impressive in terms of e-bikes. With a 5000-watt mid drive motor, and 55 lbs of overall weight, get ready to cover some major distance.

  • Nyx X14

This might be the fastest e-bike we have come across. The maximum speed is an impressive 60 mph! It accelerates fast and only has a charging time of 75 min on 110 v. The Nyx bike frames are extra sturdy and made of carbon fiber. It’s lightweight and is able to provide optimal performance.

The electric propulsion system can withstand continuous power of 3000 w and a peak power of 14,000! With the simple twist of a throttle, you can go from 0-50 kmh in less than 5 seconds!

  • Outrider Horizon Off-Road

This is a pedal/electric version and looks quite comfortable to ride as well. You can build it yourself and decide what to include and exclude. The Astro Flight motor is what helps you reach max speeds of over 40 mph.

It’s quite a bit heavier and quite a bit pricier, but that’s because this off-roading bike is made for much more than the above options.

The robust design has superior suspension with a leading electric drive system.


Who knew you could reach speeds of a lot of urban motorcycles on an e-bike? It’s amazing how technology improves every year bringing our convenience level to new heights. Keep in mind that the faster you go the more safety precautions you should take.

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