NASCAR Cup PR Toyota NCS Auto Club Quotes -- Kyle Busch

Toyota NCS Auto Club Quotes — Kyle Busch


Toyota Racing – Kyle Busch
NASCAR Cup Series Quotes

FONTANA, Calif. (February 28, 2020) – Joe Gibbs Racing driver Kyle Busch was made available to media at Auto Club Speedway:

KYLE BUSCH, No. 18 Interstate Batteries Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

How do you look at going to Phoenix next weekend and translating it to the championship race?

“I look forward to Phoenix, it’s always fun and a good place for us. Lately, we’ve been able to really pick up on some things that help us there that have made us better there the last few times and now this package is different. I think that will lend itself back into a couple years ago I guess. Felt like we were just kind of hitting on something there and was a big racier through traffic and such. We’ll see how all that goes. Next week is a big week on trying to formulate that notebook and try some things and have some ideas, some concepts maybe that you wouldn’t normally do to just get out of the way and utilize your time as much as you can for the championship when you come back.”

Were there any NASCAR meetings after the Daytona accident regarding safety?

“I was not a part of any internal meetings.”

Did you get any answers regarding what happened last weekend?

“If you look at last year, look at Vegas as a trend over the last few years, besides Martin (Truex Jr.) kind of being the anomaly, JGR cars haven’t really run very well at Vegas for a while. When you come to California here, we’re always one of the guys that are up front – cars that are to beat. I don’t look at this week as being too worrisome for us. It’s going to be nice to hopefully come out of here with a good run, be able to run up front, maybe win like we did last year. That would certainly be really good for then getting into Phoenix with the different package.”

What are your thoughts on the bounty now that Chase Elliott and Kyle Larson have secured rides?

“It’s all good. It’s going to be interesting, exciting, whatever you want to term it. I guess Cup drivers in Truck Series do sell tickets so take that for what it’s worth. I think it’s a unique opportunity for more attention on the series, which is good. Maybe if more drivers had more teams then had rides then there would be something else there than just myself. I don’t remember who I told, but once (Kevin) Harvick kind of put the idea out there, I thought the guy that really has a shot is (Kyle) Larson at Homestead. Bring it on.”

Will the bounty be good for the Truck Series?

“I don’t know how to term it any differently than what I just said. I think it’s going to be good for the series. It’s brought a whole new chatter to it, whether that’s excitement or just chatter, I’m not sure which. I think we’ll see when we get to Atlanta what the grandstands look like and how the race goes.”

What does it mean to get inducted into this track’s Walk of Fame?

“It’s pretty cool that they do that for all the former winners here every year. They do this deal out there where we put our hands or our feet, you do that into the concrete so it’s kind of cool. Fans get a chance to check that out over the years. It’s like a little bit of a memory lane if you will and it’s nice to be a part of it now for my fourth time.”

If Chase Elliott beats you in Atlanta, is the bounty over?

“Ask Kevin Harvick. I don’t know what the rules are. I don’t set the rules.”

Is next week at Phoenix more important with the new package or the site of the championship?

“I think that’s two-fold. Obviously, it’s because it’s the first race with that lower downforce package if that’s what we call it and people are going to want to know what to expect in the upcoming races with that. I also look at it as of course it’s important and everybody is going to feel like it’s important because everybody right now feels like they have a shot to make the final four because it’s so early in the season. There should be an added emphasis by people to go out there and learn a few things, try a few things and get themselves ready for the end of the year being at the final race.”

How do you expect this race to go on Sunday?

“I have no idea. I’d like it to be a cake walk for the 18 and nobody is within the vicinity, but that’s not always exciting. The Interstate Batteries Camry here last year was really, really fast and (Martin) Truex was a little better in the final run, but we had much of the guys covered throughout the race. There in the final run we were just as good, and we were able to hold everybody off. Can’t say what’s going to happen this time around, there’s been a year’s worth of development on everybody’s side to get to this point. Could be a completely different race, but I would like to hope not.”

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