How Motorsports Betting is Rapidly Improving

There are many motorsport events which you can bet on. The biggest of these is Formula 1 but the choices ahead of motorsport punters are certainly growing.

We are seeing this in two different ways. The first is the number of different motorsports that have regular betting available, not just on the big events but on races that take place each week.

The second is how we can bet, with numerous new betting markets being created to give you a range of options when it comes to how you place your wager.
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For those who already place bets on motorsport, or those who are thinking of doing so, the choice on offer now is as good as it has ever been.

With the latest sports betting offers and these betting markets together, punters have an excellent range of tools for them to use when wagering against the bookmakers.

Motorsports Where Betting is Available

The number of different motorsports that have betting available has rapidly improved over the past few years.

There was a time when the only motorsport to bet on was Formula 1 but that is no more.

Now we are seeing the biggest bookmakers offer betting on NASCAR, speedway, rally championships and much more.

There are many motorsport fans who like multiple different disciplines and for those, this is great news. No longer will you watch three different types of motorsport but only be able to bet on one of them.

If you watch major events then you are likely to be able to place a bet on them all. Whether it is the big speedway leagues in Europe or the NASCAR series in the USA, betting can be found with the bookmakers who support motorsports betting in full.

Increasing Number of Ways to Bet

Not only are we seeing the bookmakers focus on adding new sports to their portfolio, but we are also seeing them increase the number of different ways in which we can bet.

This is going to prove extremely useful for those who are betting on a regular basis. In the past we have seen the regular win market available on individual races, but there are times when this is not useful.

For example, if we have a long odds on favourite then there is little betting interest in the race. That is no longer the case now that we have other markets to use though.

These include forecast betting, where you select who will finish first and who will finish second. There are also markets surrounding qualifying if applicable, so you can bet on who wins that and takes pole position on the grid.

We also have a wider range of antepost betting markets, which can be used at the start of a season.

What to Expect in the Future?

There are two big improvements we have seen in betting as a whole recently. The first is in play betting and the second is streaming.

These are yet to really take off when it comes to motorsports, although Formula 1 does have in play betting available.

The expectation is that these will eventually grow in the motorsport genre, with many more sports being used in the live betting sections of bookmaker’s websites.

This is then where sports could help themselves out by offering a live streaming service through selected bookies. Not only does this help punters watch the action, but it attracts potential new fans to the sport, because they can watch it and see what all the fuss is about.

Bookmakers will be making improvements for their own benefit, but that could help smaller sports as a whole.

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