Facebook Video Ads- Is It Worth To Give A Try?

Video Content is dominating the News Feed on Facebook. This upsurge has paved the way for better engagement of the users, keeping them on this site for a longer time. As such, Marketers have identified video as the most potential and engaging content type for reaching out to a wider base of target customers. Doing this, they are getting a fascinating outcome, something that was not possible with the typical Text content or with the images and photos. Wondering about getting started? The Free Ad Maker is there to simplify your task in this regard. This tool will help you to develop the most engaging content within the minimum time, putting the least effort. 

An overview of Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Video Ads are advertisements in Video Formats, and is the most engaging and appreciated content type found on this network. Rather than scripting tons of texts and posting images and/or photos, you can create your AD on a DIY basis, or you may engage professional expertise. Moreover, you can opt for an existing video, directly uploading the content on this site. You can customize the content as well as its settings, or you can even add descriptions and thumbnails, giving a unique look to your content. Most importantly, you can make the ad highly targeted by adjusting the audience. 

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Why should you try the Facebook Video Ad?

Facebook Video ads enable a marketer to gain maximum attention and engagement with the business brand. Moreover, Video ads keep a brand within the constant attention and focus of the target customers. Today, this is a wonderful strategy to secure the best engagement with the target audience and produce more leads from the web traffic. Consequently, video Ads help in a better conversion of leads to actual sales. This way, Video Ads are the most potential content type to consolidate and accentuate the presence of a brand on the web. This helps a brand to reach out before a wider base of potential customers within the minimum time, expanding the service market, gaining a prominent edge over the business competitors. 

Here come the facts and figures that justify the reason to try the Facebook Video Ads:

  • 75 Million people in the US catch at least one video a day. The picture is the same in other countries. This implies Video ads will reach before the maximum volume of potential customers. 
  • Businesses, irrespective of its type and scale are emphasizing on Video ads. As such, if you are not up to it, you are breaking away from the demand of the time. 
  • Consequently, you will find it impossible to retain the relevance of your brand. 
  • Businesses have doubled their investments on Facebook Video Ads. This implies they are getting the best response from the advertisements on this platform. You can expect the same delightful and fascinating outcome, once you start posting Video ads on Facebook and other social networking sites. 
  • Revenue per Ad, on average, in the US enhanced by 50% between 2018 and 2019. The trend will continue in the forthcoming years as well. 

Do you need further reasons to yet to give a start?

How to secure the optimum Video Play, engagement as well as conversion rates?

  • Pick videos that perform without the sound: Sounds weird? If so, you must give a try to this idea to make a fascinating experience. The fact is, your target audience will approach these videos in a lighter and in an informal mood. As such, if they have the compulsion to put on the headphones, likely, they will not open and play your video. So, go for videos that can perform independent of the sound. You can add captions to such videos that will give your audience some idea about the type and spirit of the video. Moreover, you can add subtitles, if you feel like. If experimenting this way, ensure that your video features the finest visuals. Rely on YouTube intro creator and similar tools to give the Midas Touch to your advertisement videos. 
  • Come bang on target: You cannot go about dragging the length of your video. It is for this reason, viewers tend to lose interest if the length is excessively long. As such, you must come directly to the key point. In this regard, don’t just mention everything you feel like. If you need, you can consider posting in a series, rather than loading all the points in one video. 
  • Autoplay your Video ads by utilizing CPM Bidding: The best thing to try is to put your video ads on autoplay mode. When your target audience receives such a video, there are the highest chances to watch the video until the end. This ensures that your marketing messages communicate in the most impacting manner. This requires you to bid on the Cost-per-impression, rather than to bid on cost-per-click. This small adjustment ensures that your videos play to the optimum extent and secure the best engagement with your audience. 
  • Take the Video Statistics on a very serious note: Most importantly, you need to analyze the performance of your videos regularly. Consequently, you need to treat the statistics with the utmost importance. In case stats suggest that the video is not performing well, you need to replace the content immediately. Ignoring Video Statistics is the costliest mistake that you will ever commit. 
  • Target the most relevant audience: To secure the best engagement, you must make your ads well targeted. Remember, unless you are targeting the relevant audience, interested in your type of products and services, you cannot expect the desired engagement and results. On the other hand, well-targeted video ads always secure the optimum play rate and produce the best engagement with the audience. 

Most importantly, your videos should feature the spirit of Content Marketing, wherein the focus is to deliver specific information that your target customers are looking for. These simple adjustments will support you to consolidate the presence of your brand online. 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpeedwayMedia.com.


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