Will Esports Soon Become an Integral Part of the Online Gambling Industry?

Gambling as a pastime activity turned into a serious business over time, and then a billion-dollar industry. It started simple and evolved into a complex and highly technological operation; even more so when it comes to eSport wagering.

Experts like Kevin N. Cochran know that this gambling sensation has made its way into the Canadian market with a bang. It’s also available for enjoyment in many casinos, including Casumo casino Canada.

Esports Betting in the past

The history of esports tournaments dates back to October 1972. Stanford University’s Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence hosted a Spacewar tournament. A total of 24 students competed, and the winner received a twelve-month subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine.

American Muscle

According to Capsl, as universities had the technological infrastructure, these types of tournaments were limited. Competitive video gaming continued to grow in popularity. More and more competitions are being held every year.

During the 1900s, the internet brought change to the gaming world in a significant way. People from different cities, states, and countries could connect through message boards. They could share strategies and update scores. These online communities snowballed, and soon competitive video gaming transformed into esports.

A new millennium came with more evolution in the world of competitive gaming. In the early 2000s, first-person shooter (FPS) games evolved to real-time strategy (RTS) gaming. It grew in popularity, leaving FPS in the shadows. 

Yet another transformation came soon after when a player created a modified version of WarCraft III, skyrocketing the fan base of the latest gaming genre called MOBAs. 

It took nearly seventy years for esports to establish itself in many countries globally. Events are increasing annually, and cash prizes are rising with every game. 

Current eSports betting

Nowadays, big traditional sports brands are supporting the industry, and the best esport athletes are earning enormous salaries. Esports game players like Marcus ‘ExpectSporting’ Jorgensen and Kai ‘Deto’ Wollin have already been signed by teams such as Manchester City to compete in the FIFA PlayStation competitions. Turtle Beach has also signed its first sponsorship deal with these teams.

Although some are welcoming this modern and thriving culture, some question the “sport” status of esports. Moreover, attempts to have been made to include esports teams in the Olympics, but whether it will be successful remains a mystery.

Canadian Gambling Insider reported that Canada seems to be one of the countries also leaving a mark in the ever-growing world of gaming, online casinos, and mobile apps. 

The merging of console and PC playing, thanks to esports, is thrilling to gamers of all preferences. This played a significant role in spiking demand. 

The Northern Arena event at the Canadian Video Game Awards in 2015 was the perfect location for the Canadian League of Gamers to announce their entrance into the esports world. This colossal event caught the nation’s attention for eternity as a prize pool of $20,000 was offered to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitors. 

Due to the constant development and local communities in large Canadian cities like Vancouver and Montreal, the industry’s expansion on home ground is reasonably secure. 

The future of Esports wagering in Canada

Cineplex, a Canadian digital image company, invested a remarkable $15 million to secure an eSports corporation. The company also intends to construct its gaming league that will play off in the Canadian theatre.

This initiative has already caught the attention of a number of the country’s highly admired esport teams. Such a big step leaves no uncertainty that the industry’s business potential is unprecedented. Huge brands such as Google, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and Ford’s sponsorship’s have also reached a new record.

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