Why You Should Give NASCAR a Try

NASCAR is one of the most popular auto racing events in America and the world. It was founded in 1948 by Bill France Jr. His son Jim was appointed as CEO in 2018. Each year, NASCAR sanctions over 1,500 races in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and some regions in Europe.

This sport has massive influence in other areas asides from its own. Most recently, NASCAR had a huge effect on the online casino industry. Some surveys and research have shown that many of the fans of this sport are also open to the idea of playing casino games. They are more than willing to wager their money and play in the hopes that luck will be on their side and will help them win a reward. 

After this fact hit the radar of online casinos and game providers, numerous casinos were supplied NASCAR-themed games as a way to attract more players to their sites and provide them with unique gaming experience. All of these games are available right now and they are worth a try if you are willing to play at an online casino.

American Muscle

Even though this sport is loved by many people, some consider it boring since it goes in circles. That is why we decided to give you a few reasons why should you give NASCAR a try. Let’s check them out.

Easy to Follow

Most sports have tons of rules which you need to remember. Football and handball are among the most complicated. The number 1 reason why many people don’t follow sports is because they think that they are not simple, thus not attractive. Well, NASCAR is probably the easiest sport to follow when you consider the number of rules. The one that finishes first wins the race. Pretty simple right?


To those people that say that NASCAR is boring, you might want to take a closer look. The overtakes, thousands of screaming fans at the tracks, the number of crashes, and adrenaline-spiking speed should be more than enough to convince you that this is not a boring sport.

To make things even better, NASCAR has great fan engagement. Authorities allow fans to get garage and pit tours, meet and greet, and autograph signing just moments before the actual race. Even though NASCAR had some issues when it comes to providing fans with unique experience in the past few years, all of that is about to change.

Relatable Sport

One of the biggest accomplishments that this company has managed to do is to make this a great family and relatable sport. Families are often seen in the stands and all of the drivers look like the everyday people that you see at the grocery store. The cars are all stock as well. These two factors make the sport extremely relatable to the average person which is why they are more than willing to watch it.

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  1. There are enough virtue signaling corporations now! The whole ‘noose’ thing was nothing but a publicity stunt! NASCARs ‘facts’ about only one GARAGE DOOR PULL was fashioned in a noose is complete BS as anyone who has worked in rigging knows what that knot was – just a scaffolding knot. Did the ‘noose’ tighten when pulled on? I bet not because if it did tighten that would defeat the intended purpose and crush the users hand.

    Sooo What’s with taring the entire NASCAR fan base with a racist brush as illustrated by the over the top corporate virtue signaling for Wallace prior to the race? Because of garage pulls that have been at various tracks for YEARS?!? When do we get our apology for all the implied racism of your NASCAR fan base? When is Bubba Smottet going to apologize to his former sponsors Blue Emu for his childish actions in the NASCAR iracing? BTW is this whole mess just RPM shopping for a primary sponser for Bubba? Why did NASCAR release a statement about finding a noose before investigating? It seems like the information that revealed that the noose has been there for months was discovered easily. Who gets to pay for the 15 FBI agents who dropped real crimes to investigate this BS? Why the same fans you insulted of course unless NASCAR pays the Feds back for time and money wasted! NASCAR really screwed the pooch on this one!! Goodbye forever race baiting NASCAR!


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